The Jungle in My Yard


"I think that plant ate one of the puppies!"

If there’s one thing yesterday’s outdoor photo session with the puppies brought to my attention, it is the abysmal state of my gardens.

Look, I admit that I am not what could be described as a ‘green thumb’. ‘Sickly beige with bugs on it’ would be closer to the truth, or maybe just ‘Rotten black thumb of plant doom’.

Beyond that, there’s the fact that I just DO NOT have a freakin’ clue what to do with the back garden.

Let me break it down for you.

We have a patio area, which is divided off from our pool. Bumping up against the fence is an area which should, apparently, look like a nice section of landscaped greenery, to provide contrast to the concrete patio area.

Instead, thanks to my ‘hands off’ approach to gardening, it looks like a tangled jungle, consisting mostly of hideously huge dandelion plants and mutant thistles the size of small trees. If a puppy went in there, I’d expect a plant to swallow him whole.

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