Being Po Dogovich

The ever dapper Po, he of the very photogenic Life of Po blog, made the papers. More accurately, he made the gossip column in the National Post.

It seems Po (mis named Napoleon in the article – as if Dustin and Flo would ever have named him something so pedestrian) was getting snuggles from John Malkovich at his mom and dad’s restaurant.

The writer’s description of their snuggle fest?

it was all too weirdly wonderful to behold

You know your dog is more famous than you when he’s mentioned in the papers making out with celebrities at hot spot restaurants.

More photos over on Po’s blog, along with some descriptions of his laissez-faire reaction to his brush with celebrity.

John Malkovich meets Po the French Bulldog

John Malkovich meets the awesome Mr. Po

Po knows who the cuter one in these photos was…

End of Week Round Up

Pickle meets her Auntie Penelope

Pickle meets her Auntie Penelope

A great big wrap up post, with a bit of this and a LOT of that, including new puppy photos, the pay differences between good and evil, and why Naboo Tatooine is freaking me out.

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