Mosley the Bloodhound – Betrayed by Police

I don’t know if there’s a way to verify this —

If there is, this is one of the most heinous examples of abuse by police officers of an animal that I have ever seen.

Meet Mosley

Mosley - Abused Bloodhound

In Fenruary 2007, MidWest Bloodhound Rescue placed Mosley with the Washington County Sherrif’s Department in Potosi, Missouri. This seemed like a great placement for Mosley, who showed potential for Search and Rescue work.

Mosley had a localized outbreak of demodectic mange as a pup, but according to MBR it was all cleared up when Mosley was placed.

Here’s Mosley when he was placed with the Washington County Sherriff’s Department –

Mosley at the time of his placement with the Washington County Sherriffs Department

In January of this year, MBR was contacted by Capt. Charles LaLumondiere, the Washington County Sherrifs Department officer with responsibility for Mosley’s care and training.

According to the MBR website, Captain LaLumondiere demanded a refund of the adoption fee they had paid for Mosley, or another dog as a replacement. According to him, Mosley was no longer “pretty” enough to be a Sherrifs Department SAR dog.

As the MBR website details, on February 13, 2008 MBR was –

forced to reclaim Mosley from the department’s “training facility”, which turned out to be trailer in the middle of nowhere, with Mosley in a 4’x4′ dirt-floored pen. He had no food or water and there was no straw or bedding in the dog house. His condition was such that we rushed him to an emergency vet that night (2/13/08).

Here’s what Mosley looked like when MBR reclaimed him –

Mosley, February 2008

According to MBR, the formerly robust Mosley came back with a list of ailments that included –

  • malnutrition
  • dehydration
  • severe generalized demodectic mange (75% of his hair was gone)
  • seborrhea of the skin
  • cellulitis
  • frostbite
  • anemia
  • ear infections
  • eye infections

In the meantime, Mosley needs your help to recover. From the MBR website

All of us at MBR are absolutely sick about this situation and are commited to helping this poor boy recover. His initial vet fee was almost $700 and we have a long way to go. We can hopefully cure his health problems but his emotional stability at this point is unknown. MBR will do all that it can do to help return this lovely boy to the playful, wonderful dog that he was before being mistreated by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. If you are able to donate any amount of money towards Mosley’s ongoing medical bills, MBR would be deeply grateful.

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