Easter Snowstorms, Old Photo Uploads and Fat Fat Journey

I cannot believe how crappy our weather has been. Yesterday tossed a total white out blizzard at us. It dumped a good foot and change of snow on us – and this just after a thaw had finally started to clear out some of the snow we’d accumulated over the winter.

From snow to mud and back to snowdrifts, in just over 48 hours. Here are some photos –

Pond view, from back deck
The view to our pond, from our back deck

Side pasture
The side pasture

Pool, dog run area and deck
Left to right – the deck, the small fenced dog run area, and the pool, with the pond and woods in the background

Old Photos Upload

I’ve been uploading some old(er) photos that I found on my PC. These are mostly from 2006, and are photos of Tessa and a whole series of photos of Penelope and her siblings – Sushi, Norman and Peter.

There are some great photographs in that set, a few of which are among my all time favorites. Penelope was a photogenic baby!

Some samples below, or see Tessa’s set here, and Penelope’s set here.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve pretty much stopped uploading to our Mega Gallery, and am using Flickr instead. I plan on migrating the site to a new host within the next six months, and the Mega Gallery is the most daunting part of that. The less photos I have to move, the better.

Tessa at the T Dot French Bulldog meet up
Tessa, at the T Dot Toronto French Bulldog Meet Up

Nell, Norman, Peter, Sushi
French Bulldog puppy pile

Cutest French Bulldog Puppy EVER
Penelope was the cutest French Bulldog puppy EVER

 Fat Fat Journey

Well, the good news is we’re pretty sure Journey is pregnant. The bad news is, not so much Paris. Next week we’ll do xrays to find out for sure, but in the meantime here’s a few photos of Miss Fatty Fat Journey.

Super fat, or with child? You be the judge.

Pregnant Journey, or just a dog who needs a diet…

Journey with Tummy