Your Friday Moment of Zen – Bullmastiff Puppies at One Day Old

Today’s moment of Zen is my friend Paula’s litter of TEN one day old Bullmastiff puppies. My favorite part of all comes at the very end – watching their tiny little tails wagging like metronomes as they eat. It’s been so long since I saw a litter of tailed puppies, I’d forgotten how vigorously they can wag them!

Warning: every dog in my house went nuts when they heard the squeaking of these little guys, so be forewarned.

Monday Morning Frenchie Photo Fun

Tessa and Sailor say "Shut up, and make with the cookies".

Tessa and Sailor say shut up, and make with the cookies

I’ve been mulling over my growing hatred for anyone who says that they can “understand the reasons behind breed bans”. This, coupled with my increasing suspicion that most of this hysteria can be blamed on the media, has left me a rather grumpy person lately.

In case of grumpiness, spend ten minutes watching puppy play with bottle cap.

In case of grumpiness, spend ten minutes watching puppy play with bottle cap.

I was going to post a big, long, unhappy rant about stupid people and the stupid things that they say, but instead, let’s look at some photos of happy Frenchies. It’s better for my blood pressure, and it’s probably more fun for you, the reader.

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Let’s Look at Some Puppies

Thanks for not letting Michael Bryant run us over!

Thanks for not letting Michael Bryant run us over!

Do you know what I do when I’m having a bad week? I go outside, sit in a chair, and look at puppies. Puppies in the grass, puppies sun tanning their bellies, puppies pouncing on each other from on top of rocks, puppies piled up in big sleepy puppy piles.

An hour of that, and I feel much better.

If your head, like mine, is exploding from reading comments about how we should all ‘give Michael Bryant the benefit of the doubt’, gaze on the following photos of these nice, short coated, bully breed puppies, and join me in saying a prayer of thanks that the murderous asshole in question never managed to include us in his stupid ban. Then say another prayer for all of the dogs who were included, and who’ve died as a result of it.

Then look at some more puppies, and smile.

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Almost all grown up..


Hard to believe that the first of the puppies leaves this weekend. Pups at this age are wonderful – smart, playful, developing their full personalities. Pups at this age are also trouble – they’ve become adventurous, which can lead to some fun situations, and a LOT of mess.

Vela, Po and Jacques all venture out into the big world over the course of this weekend, off to learn how to be pets, rather than just members of a pack. Fortunately, Frenchies as a breed are very people focused – there’s no such thing as a people shy Frenchie puppy, at least not one that I’ve ever known. The typical reaction of a Frenchie to new people is “Yay, someone else to pet me!”. Trust me, they don’t even look back as they go out the door – the teary eyes are all on our side.

Bunny is quite ready for them to pack their bags and head on out – she’s had her fill of motherhood, and would like to get back to her place on the couch, thanks. Poor Bunny – she’s moulting again, just as she did with her last litter. Patches of her hair are thinned out and weedy looking. She looks moth eaten, and leaves clouds of white hair every where she goes. Sweeping the floor has become a game of trying to catch all the hair that floats around the room, without stirring up even more of it.

After the cut there’s a slideshow of all the pups outdoors, doing fun Frenchie stuff. Bye puppies – we’ll miss you!

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French Bulldog Movie Time!

It’s time for a Frenchie movie – here are Bunny’s puppies, enjoying some floor time. Make sure to keep an eye out for Hugo discovering how to climb into the crinkly cat tunnel.

Movie after the break.

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