Share because you care – Vote Ten!

Vote for Ten in Purina's Rally for Rescue

Vote for Ten in Purina's Rally for Rescue

From French Bulldog Village

Come on guys, go to Purina’s Rally to Rescue contest and vote for TEN! When you see his story, you’ll see why he is leading the pack, with only two weeks left!  Ten’s survival was nothing short of miraculous.

Okay, so he’s not a French Bulldog.  Vote for him anyway!  This little Pug is one of the severely damaged little Pugs rescued every year by our good friend Pam Mayes, founder and president of Alabama Pug Rescue.

Last year, Alabama Pug Rescue won the Rally to Rescue Contest with a BOXER, Faith, who had been run over, and then  forced by her owner to nurse four puppies, while going through unspeakable suffering from a crushed pelvis.  When she weaned those puppies, her owner dumped her, still untreated, at a local shelter.   The shelter called Pam.  She  did not hesitate to take her in.

Pam is a huge supporter of French Bulldog rescue.  She has three French Bulldogs of her own, is an FBVillage volunteer, and is currently fostering our little severely handicapped puppy, Emee.  Emee says, she loves Ten too!

Pam does so much for our breed.  Please vote for Ten, so at least she won’t have to worry about filling the food bowls this coming year..

The contest ends October 1, 2010. Please pass the word on to EVERYONE you know!

A note from me: In addition to voting, I want you to do one other thing. At the bottom of this post, and the post on French Bulldog Village, you’ll see the “Sharing is Caring” social media buttons. Please, please – click the Facebook and Twitter buttons, and share Ten’s story with the world. I can’t think of another rescue more deserving of winning this contest, so let’s share their story with the world! And if my pleading can’t convince you, just watch Ten’s video. It really does speak ten (thousand) words.