Respect Your Elders

There’s a lot to be said about life with an older French Bulldog.

They’re through with their teething stage – your furniture is safe with them, generally because even if they still did want to chew it, they don’t have the teeth left to do so. They no longer tear around the room, rocketing into furniture and sending your drinks flying. They no longer take off first chance they get, heading up the lawn and for the road, sending your heart into your throat just as rapidly. For old dogs, a slow and short walk is the best walk of all (although not preferable to an extra nap). If you want to sleep in, an old Frenchie will be happy to oblige, lounging along side you under the covers and eating cheerios while you do the crossword puzzle (or so I’m told).

Best of all, an older French Bulldog repays you with steadfast love. You are their anchor, when their sight starts to dim, and their ears when their hearing starts to fail. In return, they love you without condition or reserve.

The French Bulldog Village regularly has older French Bulldogs available for adoption – consider bringing one into your life. They won’t be around forever – perhaps they won’t even be around for long. They won’t be the playful puppy they were in their youth, but you’ll find no better companion for a shared twilight of good meals, long naps, warm sweaters and companionable silences. For those of us who are ourselves getting older, a senior dog has a special charm.

If you already share your life with a French Bulldog senior citizen, I hardly need to convince you of their charms. If your French Bulldog is over ten years old, consider sharing their beauty with the world, via the French Bulldog Village’s “Les Vieux” calendar, in celebration of old Frenchies. Your dog could be featured in the only calendar to celebrate those most lovely of all Frenchies, our seniors.

FBV needs just one more senior Frenchie to fill out their months. If you own a photogenic French Bulldog who is:

Over ten years old
Is still currently with us as of this writing

.. then Les Vieux needs you!

Send a high resolution photograph of your beautiful senior (and only them, please – no other dogs or people) to

If your photo is accepted, please make sure to let us know! We’ll be announcing the calendars as soon as they’re completed and ready for sale.