Secret Undercover Semen Smuggling Ring


Semen Smugglers Cove


Over in my post “Timing is a Bitch“, Jan from the Poodle and Dog Blog commented to muse on just how often canine semen gets stopped at the border for ‘inspection’. I’d like to say ‘never’, and for most people, that answer would probably be true. I, on the other hand, apparently run a sort of canine semen smuggling ring.

It all started when a shipment of fresh semen I was having shipped in from the west coast got stuck at customs. It was the weekend, and things happen, but three days at a warehouse left me with a vial full of dead semen, and I was determined not to let that happen again. Timing testing and semen evaluation are pricey procedures, and the bill gets paid whether it all results in puppies or not. Driving the extra distance seemed worthwhile, so I decided to arrange for same day shipping into Buffalo airport for future shipments. This meant I’d have to drive to Buffalo airport, then bring the semen back across the border myself – a five hour round trip, if nothing goes wrong. Note the emphasis on the word ‘if‘.

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