Friday Zen – Dexter Hates the Squeaky Toy

This is an old video, but still one of my favorites. It’s Dexter as a puppy (when he was still named Nigel, a name Sean vetoed on the grounds that it made him sound like a fussy old librarian, to which I say ‘what’s wrong with that?’).

Dexter, then as in now, has some pretty strong reactions to things he does not like – and he does not like the squeaky toy.

Dexter and the Soccer Ball, Part Two

Once a upon a time, Dexter had a soccer ball that he loved and adored and carried with him every he went. All of that changed, one cold and snowy Michigan afternoon.

Find out more in Dexter’s new video —

Our big, big thanks to Hope Saidel and GollyGear, for unbreaking poor Dexter’s heart.
Or watch Dexter’s original soccer ball video —

Dexter and the Soccer Ball, Part Two

Dexter is exceptionally well natured when it comes to playing with the puppies. He’s unfailingly sweet and gentle with them, sharing his toys, licking their faces, and tolerating it when they bite him on the leg (and other, more painful places).

His tolerance, however, gets sorely tested when it comes to his soccer ball. I’ve mentioned before how much he loves this toy, and it’s amazing to us how close he lets the puppies get to him while he’s playing with it. In spite of this, his patience is stretched to the limit when it comes to Thor, who also seems to really love the soccer ball. Of course, maybe what he really loves is upsetting Dexter…

See for yourself in this video. View it on Blip – or just click the full screen button.

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