Solo Photos and His First Video

Tessa and SoloSolo is almost at two pounds, finally. He hit a sort of plateau when he was sick a week ago, but he’s been making up for lost time the last few days. He’s gone from eating just under an ounce per feeding to an ounce and a half and change – and this morning, he ate a full two ounces. Time to re-try the pablum!

Sailor just adores him – well, she adores licking him, at any rate. Tessa has given him a few cursory sniffs, but remains steadfast in her adherence to her “I don’t babysit the great grandkids” policy. Can’t say I blame her – she did her time in the puppy trenches.

Here are some photos of Solo at three weeks —

There are a few in there of Dexter, as well

Solo also has his very first video, mainly consisting of his being adorable and fuzzy.

You can find it on YouTube, or embedded after the cut.

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