French Bulldog Rescue Transport Help Needed

Tiny little Quincy needs a ride to his new foster home


French Bulldog Rescue Transport Needed!!!

We need someone to transport a teeny tiny little Frenchie from LaGuardia Airport to Paxinos, PA (about two and a half hours), this coming Wednesday night.

When: Wednesday, May 23
From: Pickup,  LaGuardia Airport
To:  Paxinos, PA
Transport: French Bulldog, male, aprox 15 lbs.
Issues: none with people, dog aggressive, should ride crated
Time: TBA

Route Map:

We’ll supply the crate, you supply the car ride. Help us get this Texan to his foster mom, so we can get him started on his new life!

Contact us at  — If you can’t drive, please SHARE (but we really do need a driver!).

We also need foster homes and other volunteers – remember, you don’t have to be able to keep a French Bulldog in your home to be able to volunteer with French Bulldog rescue.  Go here to fill out our volunteer application.

And don’t forget – please donate, so we can help Quincy and other needy rescue French Bulldogs just like him.

Missing French Bulldog, Texas

Magic - missing or stolen French Bulldog in Texas

Magic - missing or stolen French Bulldog in Texas

Long time breeder and French Bulldog owner Ann Stroud passed away on July 2cnd. At the time of Ann’s death, she and two other people co owned a little brindle French Bulldog named “Magic” (aka Ch. Fabelhaft I’m Sumbunny at Robobull).

Some time during Ann’s illness, she felt no longer capable of caring for her dogs, and so placed Magic with a friend or acquaintance. Unfortunately, Ann never shared the name of this person with her family or with her two co owners, and now no one knows where Magic is (or if they do, they’re not telling).

Magic’s co owners are desperate to find her, mostly just so that they will know that she is safe and is being well cared for.  When you’re dealing with a missing intact bitch, there’s always worry about dogs ending up in the wrong hands, for the wrong reasons. Visions of puppy mills dance through your head, when you don’t know where your dog is.

Magic is believed to be someplace in the Texas panhandle.

She is a dark brindle bitch, about 22 pounds, with white markings on her chest. She is microchipped, and her chip is registered with CAR.

If you live in the Texas Panhandle area, please keep an eye open for people who suddenly have a new adult French Bulldog – especially if they don’t want to tell you where it came from. Employees at vet clinics and pet supply stores can be especially helpful in cases like this.

If you think you know where Magic is, please contact her co owner, Twinkey Moore, at 806-622-1379 or 902-622-3333, or email her at You can also see Magic’s page on her website, at

Please cross post and share, and help bring Magic home!

Magic, missing or stolen French Bulldog, Texas

Magic, missing or stolen French Bulldog, Texas