Westminster French Bulldog Breed Results

I have a longer post coming about Westminster, and about the stunning pre Westminster Specialty at the Waldorf Astoria, but for now, here are today’s breed results.

A HUGE congratulations to all of the winners!

Judge: Mr. Dennis McCoy
Day: February 14, 2011
Time: 8:00
Ring: 1

Best of Breed

GCH Lebull's New Hope Wooly Bully Breed: French Bulldog

GCH Lebull's New Hope Wooly Bully

35     GCH Lebull’s New Hope Wooly Bully
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 17730902
Date of Birth: August 06, 2007
Breeder: Sylvia Campbell
Sire: Ch LeBull’s Fargo
Dam: Ch Arista Coco Chanel BT
Owner: Alexandra Geremia & Arlie A Alford
Photos: Breed judging

Best of Opposite Sex

GCH Pudgybull Bonbon Bouffant Of Hollywood Breed: French Bulldog

GCH Pudgybull Bonbon Bouffant Of Hollywood

22     GCH Pudgybull Bonbon Bouffant Of Hollywood
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 23325401
Date of Birth: February 27, 2009
Breeder: T & C Bjork & M Burdick & D Kowata & A Weinberg
Sire: Ch Shann’s Goodtime In Hollywood
Dam: Ch Pudgybull’s Hopalong Cassie
Owner: T & C Bjork & M Burdick & D Kowata & A Weinberg
Photos: Breed judging

Awards of Merit

48 GCH Bandog Bayou’s The Warrior
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 20476101
Date of Birth: March 24, 2008
Breeder: Vickie Lang & Patricia Sosa & Luis Sosa
Sire: Bandog’s Feel The Magic
Dam: Ch Bandog Bayou’s Creme Brulee
Owner: Nancy J Shaw

49 Ch Evergreen’s Cause For Applause
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 21612001
Date of Birth: October 20, 2008
Breeder: Jane & Stanley Flowers
Sire: Ch Evergreen’s Just Jack LeFox
Dam: Katandy’s Harmony Evergreen
Owner: Cheryl Lent & Jane Flowers & Sherry Magera

27 GCH Justus I’m Your Man
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 18404502
Date of Birth: September 20, 2007
Breeder: Suzanne Orban Stagle & Ronald Readmond
Sire: Ch Shady Harbor’s Capo Dei Capi
Dam: Ch Justjackpot Margaux Of Lejardin
Owner: Justus Kennels

40 Ch Japaca’s Tom Foolery
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 23852302
Date of Birth: July 17, 2009
Breeder: Linda Wells & Jacqueline Griffin
Sire: Ch Fancibul’s Matching Excellence
Dam: Japaca’s BCuz Life Takes Visa
Owner: Jacqueline Griffin & Pamela Andrews

19 GCH Messiah’s Robobull Cnd Hot Butta Rum
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 25436601
Date of Birth: October 10, 2009
Breeder: Karin Stephens & James Daulton
Sire: Fabelhaft Robobull Rum Ball
Dam: Messiah’s Fabelhaft Disco Inferno
Owner: Terri Marks DVM

Westminster French Bulldog Results Are In

Results are in from breed judging at Westminster — Kudos to all the winners!

LeBull’s  Midnight Confessions  — Best of Breed
Robobull Fabelhaft I’m On Fire  — Best of Opposite Sex

Awards of Merit went to —
Raindrop’s Justus Life’s A Game
Femme De Puisance
Jauger’s Clairice Jamel
JustUs I’m Your Man
Fabelhaft Robobull Too Darn Hot
LeBull's Midnight Confessions

LeBull's Midnight Confessions

Best of Breed (or BOB) winner LeBull’s Midnight Confessions – aka Lola –  is a bitch, which is always nice to see taking breed. If you watch the Westminster group judging tonight on television, it’s her you’ll see in the group ring representing French Bulldogs (update: Lola took a Group Second).

Lola was bred by Arlie Alford, Kennel Le Bull, and publisher of the world’s longest running French Bulldog Magazine, the French Bullytin. Arlie also happens to have been the co breeder of my own Westminster Best of Breed winner, Ch Bullmarket Versace (who just so happens to be the sire, via frozen semen, of our Delilah).

Lola was the winner of the 2007 FBDCA National Specialty. Winning ‘breed’ at Westminster is a big deal, but winning Best in Specialty Show? The biggest. Westminster is just the icing on Lola’s already well frosted cake!

The videos don’t seem to be operational yet, but eventually you’ll be able to see the breed judging via this link —

In the meantime, here’s a video of Lola at the Eukanuba shows in California:

French Bulldog entries at Westminster were scarily high this year, with French Bulldog entries second only to Labs (or some sporting breed or other – I’m too lazy to go look it up right now).  Unusually for this year, the weather doesn’t seem to suck too badly, thus spoiling a long standing tradition of shutting the city down with a great big heaping pile of snow.

I notice that WKC is doing some sort of remote broadcast that they’re calling “All Access – Inside the Hotel Pennsylvania”.  My past experience with the Hotel Pennsylvania (which the Benny Goodman swing tune “Pennsylvania 6500 was written about) is that it more than earned its not so affectionate nickname of “Hotel Pentagram”. Mold on the walls, rat bait in the hallways, carpet with disturbing stains on it, and comforters that a CSI lab would regard as a final entrance exam all add to the ‘charm’ and ‘ambience’ of this long standing Westminster Tradition (chosen mostly for the fact that it’s right across the street, dirt cheap, and allows dogs).

I once spent a pleasant hour or so trapped in a Pentagram elevator with my two kids, a half dozen handlers, and various show dogs. After pushing the emergency button repeatedly, we were finally answered by an irate hotel employee who angrily demanded we ‘stop pushing the alarm button’. I responded that we’d “stop pushing the button when you get us out of the f*cking elevator, you worthless sack of shit!”. Or words to that effect.

Oh Westminster, the show we love to loathe… and yet we all want to win there.
Oh, and do NOT ask me why the formatting on this post is so incredibly freakin’ bizarre. Man oh man.. I love wordpress, but sometimes I am truly nostalgic for good old fashioned, plain written html. I think that’s what we call “Old Web Designer” syndrome, symptoms of which include sentences that start with “In my day, web designers had to hand code, in note pad.”