Penny is Missing, and Dexter is a Daddy

Penny is missing from the area of High Park, Toronto

Penny is missing from the area of High Park, Toronto

How’s the weather where you are?

The other morning, my weather geek boyfriend came bounding back into bed to shake me awake and ask me “Guess how cold it is outside?”. I’m very much like my dogs, and averse to emerging from the warm cocoon of duvets I like to build for myself, so stuck my head under the covers and ignored him, in hopes he’d go away. No luck.

“Hey, psst – seriously, guess how cold it is?”

Sensing defeat, I gave in and asked how cold it was. The answer? A bone chilling -31 celsius (that’s minus -23.8, Fahrenheit).

Someplace out in this cold is Penny, a lost Hurrican Katrina survivor who also lived through Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike. Penny is missing, and her Toronto family needs your help.

Visit the One Bark at a Time Blog to find out more, and to help bring Penny home.

My Boy is growing up…

It seems like only yesterday that Dexter was our tiny little baby boy. I was just looking through some of his photos on Flickr, and had decided that this one is probably my favorite:

Now, he’s got his first CERF clearance, his CHIC health clearances are pending, his show career is about to take off, and he’s sired his very first two litters, with Sue Simon’s girls Babs and Juicy up in Traverse City. Babs had two baby brindles – one boy, and one girl, and Juicy has 1 cream boy, a brindle pied boy, and a very lite cream boy (who apparently has pink ears).

If they turn out half as cute as their Dad is, they’ll be very cute indeed.

Babs pups are here:

And Juicy’s pups are here:

Here’s a pic of Dexter’s adorable brindle daughter –

French Bulldog Profiles – Chef in Traverse City

Meet Chef, son of our lovely brindle girl, Paris.

Paris resides in Traverse City, Michigan, where his mom is busy organizing the first annual Traverse City French Bulldog walk. You can learn more about it by joining the TC French Bulldog group, over on Ning.

Chef’s mom writes:

This is Chef…Paris’s baby. He’s a year old now. He loves to chew anything hard…his favorites are old tupperware and OJ containers. Needless to say, he has VERY white teeth.

Check out some photos of the lovely – and white toothed – Chef: