Two Short Films – Vela and Dexter

Ain't no party like a Peanut Butter pool party!

Ain't no party like a Peanut Butter pool party!

A pair of (very) short film clips. The first is of Dexter doing his second story, dinner time, crate jump. The second film is a lucky capture.

The day before Vela went home, I’d told her new mom, Melissa, that Vela always had to have something in her mouth – very much like her Uncle Dexter, actually. Later that evening, I was out in the yard doing poo patrol. I’d put down the long rake type implement I used for scooping, and two seconds later I saw Vela bolting across the patio with it, a trail of fascinated puppies in her wake. I ran for my video camera, and caught her doing the same thing on her second pass.

That’s a mighty big pole to be carried by such a small puppy – I hope Melissa knows what she’s in for!

Added bonus: New puppy photos, including Peanut Butter pool party! The hot weather has Pickle, Pammy, Luke and PB hanging out in the wading pool, but no one loves it more than Peanut Butter, who’s been known to flop down and nap in there.

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