French Bulldog attacked at dog park needs help

Rescued French Bulldog Attacked on Beach – Please Help

We were just having a discussion of how dangerous dog parks are – this is the perfect illustration of how your French Bulldog can be injured if play gets too rough. Ellie, our special needs French Bulldog girl, was attacked at a park in Toronto once by a German Shepherd, so I know first hand just how terrifying this is.

If you can, please donate to help Arabella. She needs and MRI and spinal surgery, and her adoptive mother just can’t afford the $2,000 deposit the vet clinic requires to begin treatment. In the meantime, Arabella is suffering.

Here’s Arabella’s story:

Arabella, a FBRN dog, lovingly adopted by Jessica, a single professional, was attacked during their afternoon walk on the beach in Del Mare Dog Beach in CA. The boston terrier people who attacked Bella have now stopped answering their phone and are avoiding contact. They are military people so the base commander will be notified, but in the mean time Bella is in a situation were every second counts. A back/neck injury needs immediate attention to try an avoid paralysis. The vet wants a 2000.00 deposit to do surgery and MRI in the mean time Bella in lying in pain with intravenous meds as Jess frantically tries to raise money and contact those responsible for her loved companions injuries. Please help. we all go for walks and this could happen to any of our loved companions…just out of now where her dog now is in danger or dying or being crippled because someone had no control of their dog and now is not taking responsibility for their actions. Shameful. Lets help Jess have faith in people – we can help Bella. Her companion of 2 yrs. She has lovingly helped Bella over come her puppy mill issues to become the girl that runs on the beach in glee.

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