A French Bulldog Video Interlude

And now, a video interlude. First off, let me say that I fully understand that the pop dance track accompanying this vid is something of a deviation from my normal musical choice, but let me say that it is not my fault, because this music is the devil.

Listen to it once, and it will sink tiny little barbs into your cerebral cortex, thereby lodging itself there forever. I fully expect to sit drooling in a nursing home one day, all coherent thought long gone other than the lyrics of this song.

Oh, and Ting Ting also did that song from the iPod commercial. Sean threatened to hit me in the head with a hammer if I used that one in this video, muttering something about my being a ‘tool of Satan’.

So, ignore the music and just look at the pretty puppy, and all will be well.

Over in New York City, Carol Rowbo’s French Bullog Jacques is poised for total world dominance via his new Doritos Commercial. Check it out at this link, and watch this spot for news on when voting will begin.

Oh, and the crusty nose contest winners will be announced this week!

Ingrates, Contests, T Shirts for a Cause & New Vids

We had  nice visit this morning from frequent blog commenter and soon-to-be new mommy of Rumble. Jennifer and her son Nigel came out for a visit, and quickly fell for Rumble’s ‘look how cute I am’ trick, which I like to refer to as a the ‘total puppy fake out’.

Rumble batted his little eyelashes, gazed soulfully at Jennifer, and mentally told her lies about how we treat him when she’s not around.

“I’m so sweet — I would never grab the side of Thor’s face and try to drag him across the playpen. It’s all a horrible slander perpetuated by that evil woman who tried to drown me in the sink. Please rescue me from here as soon as possible”.

Little ingrates, I tell you. They meet their new parents, and they don’t even give you a backwards glance. Sigh.

Don’t forget that entries for the Crustiest Nose contest close tomorrow. If your dog’s nose looks like it’s been dipped in fast drying cement, send us a photo! You could win some of the awesome Nose Butter prize packs that the Blissful Dog is giving away.

We’ve got more contests coming up, including one for some really great training videos, and another for a new, supposedly stain and stank proof pet bed. We’ll see how it holds up to a house full of evil little French Bulldogs… (but the one you’ll be winning will be nice and clean and un-peed on. Probably).

Author and French Bulldog owner Augusten Burroughs has teamed up with Graphic Artist (and fellow Frenchie owner!) James Anthony to produce an adorable new t shirt.

The shirt features Burroughs’ Frenchies Cow and Bentley, and is a clean, modern, fresh design. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go to Animal related charities.

We’re hoping they’ll kick a few bucks to the French Bulldog Village — hint hint. We could surely use the funds – or rather, the Frenchies could.

Go check out the shirts and pick one up – they’re a bargain at $25 plus $5 shipping.

Two new videos for you to check out — Puppy Playpen Frenzy, with a poignant little song expressing how I feel about the prospect of the kids going home in less than (!!) a month, and another one featuring Nuttin’ But Butters!

Tula likes to smack the pups in the head with her paw (nicely, mind you), and when she showed up and started doing it to Butters, Butters proceeded to tell her to knock if off and hit the road. You tell her, Butters!

A short blog about a new TV show featuring Frenchies is coming up for tomorrow, and then this weekend I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with family. Yes, Americans, we celebrate Thanksgiving a month early, and minus the shopping frenzy. Later on, I’ll explain “Boxing Day” to you.

Frenchie Film Festival

In honor of the Toronto film festival, two new videos of the Nellkins are up on Blip. A new one of Heart will be coming tomorrow.

Bad Weather = More Movies

Pool House with SnowMy internet connection has been up and down all day long, due to the absolutely unbelievable amount of snow we’re getting. When the snow piles too high on the satellite dish, or the weather conditions are anything less than perfect, I lose my internet signal. Sweeping snow off the dish sometimes helps, but not always, and not today.

Little puppy, big snowSo, what to do when you can barely even get your email to load?

Yup, it’s time to shoot more videos of Solo.

Take a look here —

Or watch the embedded video after the cut.

Oh, and I managed to get this entry, and the videos, uploaded by the simple expedient of starting the process, then leaving for a few hours to go shopping, meet a new web client and have some lunch. After all that, most of the first video was almost done loading.

Whee! Country living is great.

Embedded video after the cut.

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