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Ingrates, Contests, T Shirts for a Cause & New Vids

We had  nice visit this morning from frequent blog commenter and soon-to-be new mommy of Rumble. Jennifer and her son Nigel came out for a visit, and quickly fell for Rumble’s ‘look how cute I am’ trick, which I like to refer to as a the ‘total puppy fake out’.

Rumble batted his little eyelashes, gazed soulfully at Jennifer, and mentally told her lies about how we treat him when she’s not around.

“I’m so sweet — I would never grab the side of Thor’s face and try to drag him across the playpen. It’s all a horrible slander perpetuated by that evil woman who tried to drown me in the sink. Please rescue me from here as soon as possible”.

Little ingrates, I tell you. They meet their new parents, and they don’t even give you a backwards glance. Sigh.

Don’t forget that entries for the Crustiest Nose contest close tomorrow. If your dog’s nose looks like it’s been dipped in fast drying cement, send us a photo! You could win some of the awesome Nose Butter prize packs that the Blissful Dog is giving away.

We’ve got more contests coming up, including one for some really great training videos, and another for a new, supposedly stain and stank proof pet bed. We’ll see how it holds up to a house full of evil little French Bulldogs… (but the one you’ll be winning will be nice and clean and un-peed on. Probably).

Author and French Bulldog owner Augusten Burroughs has teamed up with Graphic Artist (and fellow Frenchie owner!) James Anthony to produce an adorable new t shirt.

The shirt features Burroughs’ Frenchies Cow and Bentley, and is a clean, modern, fresh design. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go to Animal related charities.

We’re hoping they’ll kick a few bucks to the French Bulldog Village — hint hint. We could surely use the funds – or rather, the Frenchies could.

Go check out the shirts and pick one up – they’re a bargain at $25 plus $5 shipping.

Two new videos for you to check out — Puppy Playpen Frenzy, with a poignant little song expressing how I feel about the prospect of the kids going home in less than (!!) a month, and another one featuring Nuttin’ But Butters!

Tula likes to smack the pups in the head with her paw (nicely, mind you), and when she showed up and started doing it to Butters, Butters proceeded to tell her to knock if off and hit the road. You tell her, Butters!

A short blog about a new TV show featuring Frenchies is coming up for tomorrow, and then this weekend I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with family. Yes, Americans, we celebrate Thanksgiving a month early, and minus the shopping frenzy. Later on, I’ll explain “Boxing Day” to you.

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  1. The Cletus Residence
    The Cletus Residence says:

    I’m on to you, girl. You’re trying to teach that puppy to spar! Fogedaboutit! She’s too sweet!

    Those puppies really are very cute.

    Lucky I don’t like puppies or I’d be in trouble. Puppy breath, eeeeyyyyew! Someone should teach those little beasts to gargle.

    The Cletus Residence’s last blog post..Fan mail?

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    We had a great visit yesterday, so nice to meet a lot of the dogs. Delilah is a hoot. Journey is too sweet, Elliot is a blast. Tessa is wonderful. The puppies…what can I say. Oh and I didn’t beleive “everything” Rumble told me ;0))

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    None of US were consulted about moving these puppies. We’re….we’re…we’re going to file for custody!!! As step-parents! They have to stay where they are! And you have to keep taking pictures and videos! Yes, that’s right! You can’t deprive us of those fat little chunksters! We want visitation! Weekends! Holidays! Vacations! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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