Butters Balloons & Blog Woes

A very pregnant French Bulldog

Butters is a very pregnant French Bulldog

Ms. Butters (aka Bella, aka BPIS Ch Bullmarket Absolut Harvest Moon) has two weeks to go in her pregnancy, and she already looks like she’s swallowed a watermelon.

At this rate, she’s going to outstrip her mom, Penelope, in the “biggest pregnant Frenchie belly” contest.

More after the cut, including updates about blog changes.

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Shameless web host related grovelling – for a good cause

Dreamhost, in addition to being possibly the world’s hippest web hosting company (not to mention one of the greenest), is now offering a staggeringly generous referral bonus plan.

How generous?

Well, for every single person referred to them via our Promo Code who signs up, we receive an $82 bonus. Pretty cool, huh? Here’s something even cooler – we’re going to donate each and every referral bonus we earn to French Bulldog Village Rescue, and the Karen Krings memorial fund. Dream Host allows us to receive referral fees by paypal, and we in turn can donate them to FBV in the very same way.

So, here’s the deal.

Click the button below, and sign up for a year of hosting, using this promo code –

FROGHOSTING (this also gives you a bonus extra free domain name registration)

After you’re done, email me, and I’ll do a screenshot of our transfer of your referral fees to FBV. Full disclosure, baby!

Let me point out here that you’re not just doing the good and philanthropic thing by using Dreamhost. They are, bar none, of the most generous and fully featured web hosting plans on the market, at rock bottom prices (A full year of hosting, for $119.40 , with no transfer fees – and prices drop with every additional year). Plus, you can host UNLIMITED domains under one yearly account! I pay $119 per year, which hosts every single French Bulldog website I have, other than this one (and only because I’m too lazy to transfer over the entire mega gallery to a new site host).

Once you’re signed up, you’ll also be eligible for referral fees, which you in turn can donate to breed rescue or any other philanthropic cause you prefer (or just pocket it, I suppose).

Here’s their features list — don’t forget to sign up at using promo code FROGHOSTING. From now on, you’ll see a button link to them in our sidebar. Consider them, when your hosting is up for renewal – the Frenchies will thank you for it!
Disk Storage at signup 500 GB
Automatically Increases Weekly By: 2 GB

Monthly Bandwidth at signup 5.0 TB
Automatically Increases Weekly By: 40 GB

MySQL 5 Databases Unlimited
Operating System Debian Linux

E-Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP) Unlimited
Full Shell / FTP Users Unlimited
IMAP Access Yes
Web-Based Email Access Yes
Procmail Mail Filtering Yes
Spam Filtering – SpamAssassin Yes
Email Addresses (Aliases) Unlimited
Announcement Lists Unlimited
Discussion Lists Unlimited
Vacation Auto-Responders Unlimited


Free Domain Registration (A $9.95 Value!) Yes
Free Domain WHOIS Privacy Yes
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Subdomains Hosted Unlimited
Domains Forwarded/Mirrored Unlimited
Custom DNS Yes

One-Click Automatic Software Installers:
WordPress, phpBB, Advanced Poll, ZenCart, MediaWiki, Joomla, Gallery, WebCalendar
Don’t forget to sign up at using promo code FROGHOSTING.