Roscoe is Rolling Again!

Roscoe test drives his new wheelchair.

As I mentioned the other day, a disabled Pug named Roscoe had his wheelchair stolen from outside his McCowan Avenue home in central Toronto. Without Roscoe’s wheelchair, his owner, Christine Borsuk, was unable to give Roscoe the daily walks he so looked forward to.

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This Wheely Sucks – Toronto Pug’s Wheelchair Stolen

A Toronto area pug and his owner have learned the hard lesson that sometimes people really suck.

From the Toronto Star:


Christine Borsuk, who owns Roscoe, forgot to bring his tiny, custom-made wheelchair in from the porch of her McCowan Ave. home on a Saturday night two weeks ago. It was gone the next morning.

Roscoe, whose hind legs are paralyzed, has been housebound ever since, where he drags his immobile rear end around by his front paws instead of enjoying a daily stroll.

“He loved his walks,” said Borsuk. “He lives for his walks, and his treats and his hugs. He’s missing them.”

The only exercise Roscoe gets now is when she hooks him up to a sling that allows her to hold up his rear end and trot along behind while he wobbles around on his front legs.

“It’s hard on him and it’s hard on me,” she said, adding it looks “somewhat like a marionette. He gets out of breath really fast. It’s good for about five minutes.”


Poor Roscoe.  I think that if a donation was made via Pugalug Rescue, specifically earmarked to get Roscoe a new wheelchair, we could likely get him wheeling around again pretty quickly.

An update I received this morning from PugaLug:

 I just got an email from a pug owner is willing to donate her cart which is also an Eddie’s Wheels cart as her pug has passed away.  So Roscoe may be rolling again soon…..