Huge Amounts of Computer Suckage

I’m an unhappy computer geek at the moment.

First, my beloved (and almost brand new) Mac’s hard drive melts down. Then, the back up Windoze machine I’m using gets a bizarre, non traceable virus – every time I open Firefox, tens of thousands of consecutive windows open, faster than they can be closed. The simple solution would be to use another browser, but I carefully and painstakingly uninstalled Explorer last year, and never got around to installing Opera on that machine. Tant pis, until I can ftp myself a new copy of Firefox, or find something to scrub out the virus (traditional virus scans aren’t finding anything).

So, I’m reduced to using the slow, clunky, 700 pound behemoth of a laptop I picked up yesterday. Ugh. And I thought just using Windows XP was bad – try using 2000.

Blogging on this thing is painful, so I’m going to be doing so very intermittently over the next week or so. Plus, I need to travel for work, so when those two things are combined, my spare time becomes even more scarce.

Oh, and Paris definately is NOT preggers, but Journey definately is. I think. We’re doing her xray on the 16th, since the vet wanted to wait until as close to her due date as possible.