How DARE they?

Great Danes get Obama, but we get stuck with Rudy? Shrill, desperate, “I rescued New York from 9-11” Rudy?

You bastard.


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If candidates were dogs: Rudolph Giuliani – French Bulldog


giuliani.jpggiulianifrenchbulldog.jpg giulianifrenchbulldogphoto.jpg

Description: An active, intelligent, muscular dog with an alert, curious and interested expression; compactly built with ears that are broad at the base, elongated, and round at the top.

Behavior: The French Bulldog is well-behaved and adaptable, with an even disposition and an affectionate nature. They have an independent mind and can be both stubborn and manipulative.

They will tolerate well-behaved children but can get jealous and even destructive if they do not have all the attention, or if left alone for long periods. They love to be included in family activities. French Bulldogs are playful, but not unduly boisterous.

Tendency to bark: Low

Level of aggression: Low

Suitability as guard dog: Low

(Candidate photo by AP; sketch by Susan Donley,; breed photo by AP)

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