Friends of Ema

Our grateful thanks to all of the following friends of Ema, who have made her upcoming surgery possible. It’s simply been overwhelming how many people have reached out to help one tiny little dog.

By the way, I’m attempting to keep this list as current as possible, but please forgive me if I’ve missed you – it was not intentional.

We have good news – Ema’s surgery date has been moved up even closer, to October 20th. She goes in at noon on the 19th for pre surgical consultation, and then surgery on the 20th. This was made possible by the family of a Bulldog who was originally scheduled for the same day, for the same procedure, but agreed to swap dates with Ema, since her condition is more severe. Yet more proof – Bully people ROCK.

– Carol, Ema, ECFBC Rescue and the French Bulldog Village

Friends of Ema
Jessica Lambrecht
Erica Schlaug
Sean Galbraith
Carrie Alongi
Hope Saidel
Beth Thornton
da hinton
Lori Kobayashi
Cindy Caldwell
Glenda Hertzman
Rosemarie Chalker
Karla K. Akins
Kristina Stratton
Sarah Freeman
Michael Hanscom
Penelope Schenk
Daniel Herrera
Keith Daniels
Susan Rosenau
Michelle Lewis
Diggity Dog Kennels-Gnosticfire Farm
Lucy Henderson
ashleigh spurlock
David Mercaldi
Scott Nygren
Joseph Lau
Jill Sokol
Andrea Morden-Moore
Joyce Mitchell
Laura Fisher
Meghan Williams
Cornelis Kerkhoven
Ember McLeod
Steve Hallman
Karen Anderson
Peggy Gallerno
Elsie Kolb
kimberly rice
Dane Bailey
Glenn Forrester
Ellen Sard
Karen Tucker
Christine Towner
Brenda Comeau-Watson
Melissa Bowersock
Jill Salmon
norma toraya
Angela Kelly
Shannon D Tuttle
Angelique Faustino
Alicia McDaniel
Maria McKenzie
Cindy Victor
Diana Dekle
Rebecca Wallace
Susan Riley
Julie Grund
SarahMalia Barbusca
Jay Joseph
Diane Dickins
Richard Rockford
Jeremy Shockley
James Phillips
da hinton
Melody Gonzalez
Gloria Jill Fraser
Breanne Maier
Flo Leung
Nancie Lillie
Melissa Schue
Matthew Pascale
Jennifer Bender
Cynthia Vreeland
Jocelyne Mangubat Vega
Melissa Myer
Jonathan Russell
Brian Callahan
Donald Carron
Kristine Logan
stephanie abbott
Melissa Goldberg
Sue Williams
Elizabeth Pendergast
carol watson
S. Forest King
Kim Jacoby
Bryan Kuppers
betty nguyen
Susan Snider
Whitney Kratsas
Rachel Tennant
Karen Bringol
Susan Koshoshek
Susan Rosenau
Nicole Sellers
Vicki Bouchillon
Alissa Gordon
Lisa Ricciotti
Jennifer Vodvarka
Jason LaChappelle
Theresa Wates
Brynn Dooley
Katherine Deveau
Marcy M Einarsson
Lisa Goetz