Take the brick pledge - no dogs in hot cars

Take the Brick Pledge – No More Dead Dogs in Hot Cars

When the Lab cross died in the Vaughn Mills Parking lot after Woofstock, what I found most disturbing (aside from the entire situation) were the reports that as many as sixteen people were standing around outside of the car, wondering what to do.

Seemed pretty simple to me – smash the damn window out with a brick.

Sometimes, inciting a little civil disobedience is the only way to get the message across. Since the courts don’t seem to do anything to the people who let their dogs die in hot cars, I assume they’ll extend the same leniency to those of us who pledge to liberate them.

Take the brick pledge - no dogs in hot cars

Take the brick pledge – no dogs in hot cars

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  1. mikken
    mikken says:

    I’ll take that pledge!

    I was thinking about what’s the best window to smash…driver’s side rear, I think. Affects visibility the least and you can still drive the car (unlike if you smash the windshield) to the ER vet afterwards. Pricey to replace, but much more replaceable than a dead family member.

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    Normally I’m not a person prone to violence, but yeah, I’ll take the pledge. I have called the police on more than a few occasions, but your way is better and a helluva lot more satisfying,.

  3. Jenifer
    Jenifer says:

    Can you be charged if you do this?
    What is wrong with people who leave their family members in the car? I thought a good punishment would be to have to sit in the same car, at the same temperature with the windows cracked and see how thwy like it?
    People are stupid and selfish.

    • bmrktadmin
      bmrktadmin says:

      Can you be charged if you do this?

      Well, the courts never seem to bother to charge the people who LEAVE their dogs inside the cars to die, so I figure they’ll let us off just as easily. My (off the record) suggestion is to do it quickly then scram (with the dog).

  4. James
    James says:

    It is just as bad when you live in a major city and you see dogs tied up outside stores in the raging heat. I had to get water for a dog who was throwing up from the heat and when the owner came out I confronted him. He raised his fists to me and told me to mind my own business. Everyone outside the store came to my defence and he just slinked away with his dog. Next time I will phone Animal Services and report the owner. Why do people even have pets if they don’t know how to treat them?


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