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There go my babies

Teddy being table trained by Hope

Teddy being table trained by Hope

Teddy, the last of the Chipmunks litter, has flown the coop. He’s now at home in Chicago, with his new mom, Hope Saidel of GollyLog and GollyGear fame.

Hope spent the weekend with us, arriving on Friday night bearing an armful of frozen, deep dish Chicago style pizza – I assume this was just in case we planned not to feed her 😉 Smart move, considering that on Saturday I tried to poison her with a meal consisting mainly of carbonized meat chunks, which I barbecued outside in the snow. Who knew that t-bone steaks and freak snow storms weren’t a great mix?

Making matters worse, on Saturday morning I brought poor Hope to the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, a trip which is usually a big hit with tourists. Not so much, when you’ve got a gale force blizzard heading down out of James Bay. We still managed to have a good time, picking up my daughter Nicole to come along with us for an early Mother’s Day lunch at Crossroads Mennonite Restaurant.

The rest of the weekend was spent thawing out Hope, talking about dogs dogs and more dogs, and admiring the handsome Mr. Theodore (aka Bullmarket to Catch a Thief), who was on his cutest, bestest behaviour the entire time.

On Sunday, we did dog nails (nothing says ‘gracious hostess’ like roping your guests into acting as grooming assistants) and a little bit of table training practice with Teddy. As you can imagine, he was the consummate professional, stacking beautifully, and being completely sangfroid about having the grinder held to his nails. This little guy is pretty much bomb proof, and I can’t wait to see what Hope manages to accomplish with him in the ring(s).

Yup, that’s ‘rings’ plural – Hope has big plans for this little guy, including agility and conformation (and murmurs about CDs and MACH titles might have been tentatively floated around).

Teddy sleeping in his crate

Hope sent this photo of Teddy, taken on the drive home to Chicago. She tells me he slept on his back most of the way, with not one single crate accident. Genius, I’m telling you.

Speaking of handsome boys, here’s some Flickr photos from Zeus’ besotted mom and dad, Tamika and Howard. Zeus (formerly Simon) seems to have settled right in and made himself at home).

Remember, we love puppy photos. If you have a puppy from us, and you don’t currently have a Flickr account, please set one up! It’s free, and it lets me share your photos on the blog.

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  1. Cletus Residence
    Cletus Residence says:

    Zeus, what a perfect name for a perfect boy! AND he’s managed to figure out how to sleep on the coffee table without being in the way… Paws up from Cletus and Clovis!

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