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Things that suck: Republicans and Verizon. Things that Don't: Elves

Imagine that you lose your dog.

Imagine that someone finds your dog, and phones you. Imagine they’ve phoned you not to return your dog, but to torture her on the phone, while you listen.

Imagine that you call Verizon, your cell phone company, and ask them to release your phone records to the police, so they can track down the monsters who are threatening to kill your dog.

Now imagine that Verizon takes twelve long, long days of stalling before they release your records, and that they charge the police $150 to do so.

Unfortunately, it’s not imagination – it’s real.

Full story here.

I guess no one told the Republicans that America is a nation of dog lovers. Bad enough that nitwit Mitt straps his family dog to the roof of their station wagon for a twelve hour highway trip – and then laughs about it. Now, Republicans in Delaware have decided that a good way to raise money would be to auction off a Labrador Retriever puppy at a fund raiser.

Who still thinks auctioning live animals is an acceptable way to raise funds?

From the Dogster Blog –

Here’s the announcement on the Delaware GOP site. It doesn’t mention the puppy but the tip came from very reputable rescuers.

If the Sussex County and Delaware Republicans want to bark in and tell us it ain’t so, I’d love to hear from them!
Christmas Gala at Baywood

…an evening you won’t want to miss

December 5, 2007
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
$1,000 Sponsor
$75 per person — $150 per couple

A Festive Evening

A Spectacular Live Auction

A Silent Auction that will keep you bidding

Open bar & heavy hors d’oeuvres

Hosted by
The Sussex County Republican Committee and The Republican State Committee of Delaware

32267 Clubhouse Way
Long Neck, Delaware 19966

Finally, also from the Dogster Blog, here’s something we definately don’t hate – ElfYourself!


This is the absolute most awesome way to make an on line Christmas card! And speaking of which, here’s our Christmas card to all of you –