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This and That and a Lot of Web Geekery

I feel like I’ve been here, there and every where the last little while.

I’ve taken two courses, re done the website for the French Bulldog Village, and am working on a new French Bulldog breeder’s website that’s not quite ready to launch yet. It will replace the under utilized Ethical French Bulldog Breeders website, and hopefully not drive me too crazy in the process.

I’m learning to love WordPress as CMS, but I’m still underwhelmed with Joomla. I guess it’s because I find the layout clunky, and for me, it’s all about the visuals. Also, I think that the back end of Joomla simply has too steep of a learning curve for the average user, and ease of use for the average user is supposed to be the raison d’être of CMS, isn’t it? I am intrigued by TextPattern, however, and plan to delve into more deeply for my new project. It’s like the bastard love child of Joomla and WordPress, only cuter.

Delilah has finally decided to come into season, which means hurrah for hopeful spring time puppies! We’re breeding her to Dexter, so fingers are crossed for pied puppies..

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  1. Zoe's mom
    Zoe's mom says:

    more puppies…. can’t wait. I love reading your updates and seeing all the pics and video, makes me wish I could witness the puppy breath myself.
    I have a question (which probably has a complicated answer): can any two brindles produce pied pups, or is it just because you know Dexter and Delilah’s pedigree that you can predict potential offspring colors? What if you breed a pied to a brindle?
    Good luck with the breeding!

  2. Vivianne
    Vivianne says:

    I cannot STAND joomla. It’s like it’s in our way and it wants to make things harder. TextPattern, hmm, I may give this a try.

    For dumb-simple stuff, I’ve been using cushy cms, clients love how easy it is. And I came across a new one called “light cms” the other day, and it was advertised as “the friendly CMS for web designers”, so I’m dying to test that too.

    Anyway, the new layout for FB Village is very suitable, great choice! And hope to see some cute pieds here in a couple of months. 🙂


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  3. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    Busy busy!

    Fingers crossed that Delilah cooperate and there are spots in your future!

    Query. One short faced breeder to another, how do you screen for airway obstruction? I realize that we all know which dogs have good airways just by living with them, but trying to get that documented and/or have that assurance with outside breeding candidates is of course problematic. I have had to eshew using some dogs as I don’t live near them and don’t know that I can trust their owners assesments.

    It’s more than simply hypothetical. I was not going to breed this year but my older girl is now or never (well, march/april or never). It will do myself and the breed no benefit to breed her if it is not an outcross. I am currently looking at a friends 10 year old boys, who both just re-passed CERF and CHIC qualifications last week. At the moment I have to assume that they would not look fantastic at 10 if they had major airway or orthopedic issues.

    BCA Health is working on a few avenues to standardize some form of airway clearance protocol and I am trying to find out what criteria responsible breeders who are zealous about safeguarding airways (guilty!) are using.

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