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Thursday Thirteen – 13 Weird Things On Our Google Analytics Page

Don’t you just love Google Analytics? It’s a rockin’ piece of technology, and ever so useful in helping you to find out how people found your website.

I’m not an obsessive about checking stats, but every so often I like to take a look and find out what search terms (the phrase people typed into Google or another search engine – wait, are there still other search engines?) have been used to find my site, along with such interesting tidbits as who’s linking to me and who’s visiting me.

So, here’s this week’s Thursday Thirteen – 13 weird things I noticed when I checked our Google site stats this week.

Weird Site Search Terms

I expect people to find us using normal terms, like ‘French Bulldog’ or ‘Bullmarket’, but how do I explain these?

Cooking Dogs (please let this actually mean ‘cooking FOR dogs’)

my dog cant pee (site owners suggests taking him to VET)

site looks good but to small (I spent 20 minutes trying to find my own site via this search term, to no avail)

french dog mall (ooh, a mall just for French Dogs – sign me up!)

Weird Links

I know most of the sites I’ve personally listed bullmarketfrogs.com – Canada’s Guide to Dogs, for example, and Dogs in Canada. But how did we end up on these pages? It’s a mystery to me…

yellowpages.com (we really, really don’t have a yellow pages ad!)

weathernetwork.ca (from checking the weather to.. Frenchies?)

Unusual Country Visits

I can understand Canada. I can understand the USA. I can even understand Australia and Europe, I suppose. But some of the countries in my top one hundred list sort of leave me puzzled… and hey! If you’re the single person who’s on here from Lebanon, leave a comment and say ‘hi’, will you?

# 88 on the list – Peru, 2 visitors

#91 on the list – Uruguay, 1 visitor

#101 on the list – Lebanon, 1 visitor
Browser Usage Stats (interesting to geeks only)

I expected to see the usual – Explorer, Firefox, Safari, a few Mozilla hold outs. But these ones – two of them I had to look up!

Camino – 15 users

Blazer – 9 users

HTC-8900 – 6 users

Konqueror – 3 users

3 replies
  1. SewCrazyDogLady
    SewCrazyDogLady says:

    hehehe…. I knew about Konqueror only because of browsershots.org.

    I tried using Safari for windows.. blech.

    I tried Flock.. too freaking busy.. and I’m just not that social.

    and I tried using GoodSearch.com… which runs through Yahoo Searhc….

    blech again, I say

  2. Cait
    Cait says:

    One of those Konquerer viewers is my boss, who I’ve gotten stuck on your blog. 😛 He’s currently between dogs (having put his 18 year old spaniel x terrier to sleep last month) and I’m educating him about the variety of dogs available. I don’t think a Frenchie suits his wants (he wants a dog who can go kayaking with him and biking) but I think the personality’d suit admirably.

    Cait’s last blog post..Sorry for the lack of updates..

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