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Thursday Thirteen – 6 Word Memoirs, Canine Edition

Our friends over at Smartdogs Blog had a great idea – six word memoirs, canine style. The idea? Write a memoir for your dog, in six words.

I like the idea so much that I’ve decided to write thirteen memoirs, for thirteen of my most memorable – and memoirable – dogs.

  1. Tula – crazy dog grin masks sweetness
  2. Bunny – Her life’s soundtrack is circus music
  3. Journey – in her is everything zen distilled
  4. Sailor – I can still kick your ass
  5. I jump therefore I am Dexter!
  6. Delilah – weirdest dog in the whole world
  7. Paris – loves all people, hates most dogs
  8. Tessa – benevolent dictator in a fur suit
  9. Hammer – the soft center of Charlotte’s heart
  10. Tara – fierce warrior, puppy licker, child’s companion
  11. Ellie – only loved those she knew best
  12. Penny – your loss I regret the most
  13. Murfee – My gentle giant and best friend

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