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Top 10 Gifts Your Frenchie Wants for the Holidays

Our friend Hope, of Golly Gear Pet Supplies fame, agreed to help me out with a guest posting.

I asked Hope to tell us, “based on what you’ve seen in the store, and on your experience as a Frenchie owner, what are the BEST toys and treats for French Bulldogs?”. I wanted toys that could stand up to chewing, and were interesting enough to keep the attention of our little ADD darlings. I also wanted treats that were healthy and free of gross, icky ingredients (corn syrup? in pet treats? no thanks!).

Here’s Hope’s list – any of the gifts are available by clicking on the links.

If you want a really NICE holiday idea, why not order one or two extra toys, and have them sent to French Bulldog Village Rescue? I bet if we asked Hope, she’d make up a box for them, and send them all at once. The sad little misfits over at FBV sure could use a nice, new holiday surprise.

10 toys and treats every Frenchie wants for the holidays:

1. purebites Pure Bites
One ingredient – either Fish or Cheese, dehydrated, easy to carry, and irresistible.
2. skine Skinneeez
No stuffing, two squeakers in each – stands up (for a time) to a Frenchie standing on it and trying to pull its head off.
3. zukes_baked Zuke’s Minibakes
Any gift list for a Frenchie has to include treats! These are all-natural, small, and taste great (or so the dogs tell me).
4. bowow Bow Wow Beanies
They crinkle, they squeak, they’re durable and cute!
5. tempt Toy Temptations
All natural, organic and adorable! Available in Chicken/Parmesan, Carob Cheesecake, Pizza and Apple Cheddar flavors.
6. ninatoy Nina Ottosson Interactive Toys
Keep that Frenchie mind busy – you know yours will find the treats!
7. bisc Liver Biscotti
Also known as Puppy Crack. ‘nuff said.
8. flappy Flappy Toy
When a good game of fetch and tug is in order.
9. little Little Stars Training Treats
Just a little something for motivation!
10. boiled Boiled Wool Toys
Fun to toss and tug, soft and squishy to snuggle.

Have a Happy Frenchie Holiday!

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