Over 100 people and their French Bulldogs joined us for the Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club Social Meet Up.

Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club Meet Up at Pet Social in Toronto

Sunday was the Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club French Bulldog Social, held at Pet Social Pet Supplies & Boutique in Toronto. We were amazed at how many people attended!

I want to thank everyone who helped – Suzanne Singh of Pet Social and her wonderful staff, Rhichard Devrieze , Ashleigh De Vries and everyone who spread the word or came out. I think most of us had a really great time, and Suzanne’s team were great (and her store is gorgeous!!). A huge thanks to all of my puppy family people who came out and let me hug “my” dogs again, which always make me get weepy and act like a sentimental goofball.

I spoke to SO many people who were sincerely looking for referrals to good breeders, and I handed out almost 100 business cards for Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club (umm, Karen Williams? they were the ones with your phone number on them, sorry about that!). It was nice to be able to suggest they start with the ECFBC Breeder referral list, and to be able to refer so many people to French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue.

That said, I am super, super sorry to everyone who wasn’t able to get into the venue due to space issues. We all of us *seriously* underestimated the number of people and their Frenchies who would attend. In context, at our last event we had approximately ten attendees and six or so Frenchies – this time, we had OVER 100 people, and forty or so French Bulldogs! I was quite honestly in shock when we arrived and saw how many people had come out. I might be wrong, but I believe this is possibly larger even than most of the NYC events.

I take responsibility for not doing a better job of pre estimating how many attendees we would end up getting, and I apologize to anyone who either felt over crowded, or who simply were not able to come inside. I know it must have been really frustrating for everyone.

We will do our best to make SURE nothing like this ever happens again, and to ensure we have space that is large enough to accommodate everyone who comes out.

Our next event will hopefully be some time in May, and I hope everyone will attend. I promise we’ll do a better job 🙂

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