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Tough Guys Dig Frenchies

Apparently, not all Football players need a big dog at their side to add to their image – some of them just a small dog that acts big.

From DallasNews.Com:

Two-minute drill, with Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Miles Austin, proud dog (French Bulldog) owner

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Miles AustinI understand you have a cute little pooch. Tell me a little bit about your dog.

Her name is Fergie. She’s a French bulldog; looks like a Boston terrier. She’s small, weighs about 18 pounds. She’s pound-for-pound the strongest dog in the world. She’s a beast.

You talk about how tough she is. Is that trying to keep a little bit of machismo?

Yeah, but she holds her own. She’s tough. She’s got that lockjaw. You can lift up a toy and swing her around. She’s really tough.

OK, she’s tough, but do the fellas give you a hard time about this dog?

They try to. I get it worst from T.O. He tells me how he’s going to kick her all the time, but I think deep down inside, he really loves her.

What made you fall in love with a cute little puppy?

She’s got bug eyes and is cross-eyed a little bit. She’s got real big ears, and she’s just the best dog in the world.

A lot of NFL players have pit bulls, maybe to symbolize their toughness. What does this dog say about you?

She’s the friendliest dog in the world. That’s why I love her. I’m the friendliest guy in the world, so that’s why I have the friendliest dog in the world.

Well, it’s obvious Miles’ loves his dog, so we’ll forgive him the part where he falls for that old ‘locking jaw Pit Bull’ stereotype. If anybody out there has a photo of Fergie, feel free to send it over to me!

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  1. Cait
    Cait says:

    Well, now you’ve given me a mission. I’m SURE there are pictures of Fergie SOMEWHERE on some Cowboys’ fansite. (And if not, perhaps I can get my friend who stalks obsesses enough to go watch Cowboys practices when they’re open to the public every year to try and ask him for one. :P)

    Cait’s last blog post..It’s been a busy, busy month.

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