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Tula might possibly explode

Poor Tula — I’m afraid if she gets any bigger, she might just possibly explode. She’s always been a petite girl, at about 18 pounds, so it’s fairly shocking to see her go from her normal lithe, active self to this, in under two months.

Tula is waay pregnant

And of course, what happens when way pregnant girls with big, big bellies lie on their backs?

Why they get stuck, of course.


Penelope continues to be about as unthrilled as it is possible for a dog to be about this entire experience. We caught her sending away for a copy of “Baby NOT on Board” the other night. I think she’s dropping us a hint.

Not. Happy.

Delilah thinks all the fuss is just borrr-ing, especially since her diet means she’s not getting any extra snackin’ time fall out (she’s rather voluptuous, I’m afraid).  Tessa, of course, is so sick of anything to do with puppies or pregnancy that she’s decided the best approach to take is studious avoidance (read: extra naps).

Delilah is bored

Ten days and change to go for Tula, and two weeks and change for Penelope… the count down continues.

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