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Update on American Bulldog Puppy Mill Raid

This is an update on the American Bulldog puppy mill rescue case I mentioned in an earlier thread. Jen of Las Vegas Wrinkle Rescue is working to raise enough funds to take on ten of the rescued dogs, and they also are in desperate need of supplies. If you can help, please contact Jen at the website below.

 Las Vegas Wrinkle Rescue is a small rescue group specializing in American Bulldogs, we are working with the Houston SPCA to get these dogs into rescues that know the breed. At this moment we are scrambling to get the kennels and other various supplies that will enable us to take 10 of these dogs. So if anyone would like to help us out please visit our website at www.lvwrinklerescue.com to see how you can help these dogs.

Jen Olden
Founder LVWR