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Vick's Dogs (Victims?) Get Chance at Re-Homing

In a move that thwarts the repeated outcries of both PETA and the HSUS for the immediate euthanization of the Vick case Pit Bulls, the USDA has agreed to let the ASPCA and BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls) evaluate Vick’s dogs to see if any are able to be placed or fostered.

From the press release:

“With overwhelming public concern in the fate of the dogs seized from Michael Vick’s Surry County, Va., property, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today provided the following information on the upcoming evaluations of the dogs, as well as the nature of assistance it is providing to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Dr. Stephen Zawistowski, CAAB, executive vice president, National Programs, and science advisor for the ASPCA, will be leading a team of several other certified applied animal behaviorists (trained animal behavior experts who have been certified by the Animal Behavior Society) in conducting behavior evaluations of the pit bulls seized during the course of the investigation.

As part of this process, BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls), a San Francisco-based non profit organization that is an educational resource for pit bull owners and the shelters that house them, will be working with the ASPCA-led team to help identify dogs that can be absorbed into experienced foster programs for further observation and possible re-homing into appropriate homes—one of several possible outcomes for these dogs.”

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This is fantastic news, and an undoubted slap in the face to the two groups who have raised the most money from the public ‘for the dogs’ — PETA and the HSUS.

In the ultimate of ironies, both PETA and the HSUS have said repeatedly that ‘fighting pit bulls can’t be placed, and should be euthanized’. This, in spite of the fact that HSUS ran a huge ad campaign claiming to need money for ‘the care of the dogs’ – not a single penny of which has so far been promised to the ASPCA or BadRap.

One has to wonder at the fact that the two groups, one of whom has the word ‘ethical’ in their name, and the other of which has the term ‘humane’; have behaved in a manner that’s neither humane nor ethical.

Experienced Pit Bull rescue groups have claimed repeatedly during this that many former fighters can be integrated into new homes, and even into homes with other pets. BadRap has held conferences introducing the public to former fighting dogs that are now loving pets, some with therapy dog certifications.

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And check out the cute face on Pearl! Isn’t it a good think PETA and the HSUS didn’t get to decide what happens to her?

Snuggly Bug Pearl

Here’s what Pearl’s gaurdian Nicole has to say about her:

“Aaahhh, well yes, Pearl does have scars from fighting.

But to her credit she has lived under my roof for two years with two other resident pit bulls, a cat and various foster dogs without so much as a snarf. Pearl prefers the company of people to that of dogs, but so does the cat, and we just don’t make an issue of it. She is not defined by her sagging nipples and scars.

She is defined, and rightly so, by her wonderful temperament and her appropriate people focused behavior.”

And, finally, here’s a fun little photo I created with the handy-dandy ‘Hockney-izer’, a free photo editing tool from the fine folks at Big Huge Labs.

They have some awesome toys to let you tweak your Flickr photos.

Hockney Baby Boy