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Wayne Pacelle's "Aunt" Says Nephew is a Fraud

The following was posted in response to an article in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper. The article, which lauded the ‘fine work’ of HSUS president Wayne Pacelle, contained several reminisces by Pacelle of the lessons learned and great accomplishments of the HSUS during Hurrican Katrina, and the Michael Vick case.

Someone writing as Pacelle’s ‘Aunt Harriet*’ took umbrage with the article, and wrote this fine, scathing rebuttal (note: added links and images are mine):

Aug 17, 2008

Interesting piece of fiction. However, it is time for a reality check. I am Wayne’s Aunt. You can call me Harriet.

I am really surprised that Wayne Pacelle, my nephew, would re-visit Michael Vick or Hurricane Katrina.

Let’s examine his request for “special donations” for Michael Vick’s dogs. And, before we do that, first you must understand that at no time … that means NEVER for the animal rights’ faithful … were these dogs in the care, custody, and control of the HSUS. They wanted these dogs dead. That was recommended by the HSUS to be their fate. HSUS had “no business” telling anyone what to do with these dogs once they were no longer considered as evidentiary.

JP John Goodwin HSUS Dog Fighting Czar in Animal Liberation Front t shirtPacelle hires criminals. Case in point is John “JP” Goodwin, the HSUS “dog fighting expert.” What exactly are his qualifications you might ask? What was Wayne hoping to find on the resumes of prospective candidates for this position… DOMESTIC TERRORIST perhaps? The FBI has Goodwin higher up the food chain than Al Qaida!

Goodwin is a high school dropout who set fires. When he couldn’t sit down in an intelligent fashion to get his point of view expressed in any other manner, he simply set another fire. Would you like to see his photograph in his ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT t-shirt?

In a telephone conversation that I had with HSUS office last August, I asked about the credentials and qualifications for JP Goodwin. This was the quote I vividly recall from that conversation …“Are we to judge people by their past actions? We have many people working here from PETA & ALF!!”

Good God! Pass the collection plate and tell me how to apply. I actually have a few degrees that Wayne might consider useful. Oh, let me re-think that. He would have a serious problem with me. My brain is NOT pre-programmed to the Tower of (Pacelle) Babel. I am not fast tracking to buy his baloney. He can’t sell it to me. Since I was never a PETA-trained “operative”, he wouldn’t be able to flip my switch and hardwire me to his way of thinking.

Pacelle, my nephew, is an AR zealot at the controls of a cash-generating machine. No less. No more. His agenda is so clear that it is transparent. Irwin, the former Prez, was an “ordained minister.” Boy, that sure came in handy when he appealed from the animals rights’ pulpit to SEND MONEY, SEND MONEY, SEND MONEY.

Every time there is a fire, flood, or crisis in the United States, you can bet your last dollar that Wayne Pacelle and his “volunteers” will be there for a photo opportunity and, within hours, he will be pleading for more money.

Pacelle knows his ship is taking on water. His days of rhetoric spewing are numbered. There are too many eyes watching him … and … following the money!

Let’s ask it once again — Why is anyone still giving money to the HSUS?

Note: we have no idea if the author is actually Wayne’s aunt, although I do find it telling that he’s not yet spoken out to take issue with the claim of authorship.

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  1. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    I also find it astonishing that Wayne would bring up Micheal Vick and Katrina! Well maybe not as those a high profile cases that HSUS used successfully before. And Wayne’s hubris might make him think he can just say anything and expect the world to believe it if he says it….

    Whoever wrote this, it made my night. (and along with Dolittler got me out of my illness induced, self pitying lurker mode! :-))When HSUS refused to go to OK to help the dogs there and is continuing to to recommend that even puppies seized in dog fighting situations be killed, it just confirmed to me that they will say whatever keeps them on the publics bandwagon (no-kill etc) but have not changed a jot.

    I swear I am going to get bumper stickers made up sayng “HSUS and PeTA STEAL from local shelters! give locally, save lives!” My brother (on the BOD of an SPCA) also tells me that around the country, SPCA’s are at the end of their tether over ASPCA coming in and fundraising, counting on people assuming a relationship with local organizations, and they are gearing up to fight back.

  2. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    Yes, telling the truth = libel in the world of the AR faithful.

    You should know better, FrogDog. The light of reason and the application of facts is anathema to the scriptures of the liberationist army.

    Heh. I fervently hope ‘Aunt Harriet’ is real but either way, the more people know, the less likely they will be to buy the ‘humane society’ magic words that protect the Hsus from scrutiny.

    As for bringing up Katrina and Vick, hey, that’s how propaganda works. The bigger the lie, the more often you tell it, the more likely it is that the mouth-breathers will buy it.

    Libel my ass.

    I’ll be linking to this so I can stand in the dock with you.

  3. Charles
    Charles says:

    HSUS, Humane Society of the United States and Wayne Pacelle, does not SUPPORT or is AFFFILIATED WITH local humane society shelters as their name may suggest. They are the WEALTHIEST animal activist group in the nation. It is disgusting how they spend the donations of unsuspecting donors. Only 4 cents of every dollar donated goes to hands-on caring of animals. Don’t believe me? Look at their public tax return posted on their site and do the math. It’s all about power and money with this “charity”, not about taking care of animals. Own the truth.

  4. HSUS Sucks
    HSUS Sucks says:

    HSUS is a complete fraud. Don’t believe me? Look at their IRS tax returns to see where the money is really going. It’s disgusting. Now they are begging for 25,000 dollars for their campaign against IHOP? Are you kidding me? They have a yearly 100,000,000 dollar operating budget not to mention 200,000,000 dollars in cash reserves. Again, LOOK AT THEIR IRS TAX RETURNS FOR THE REAL STORY HERE. Also, Wayne Pacelle likes to suck his own balls…just a side note.

  5. TruthMonger
    TruthMonger says:

    Why do people keep saying that donations to the HSUS take away from local shelters? I donate to both. I donate to local shelters to help the symptoms of our overpopulation problem, and I donate to groups like HSUS because they work to protect all types of animals, not just cats and dogs, and address the causes of animal cruelty and neglect in this country that result in so many animals ending up in shelters. So, if you don’t like the HSUS, don’t support it, plain and simple. When I disagree with a group, that’s what I do. I’m curious as to how so many “hard-working farmers” have so much time to spend trying to convince people of how “evil” and “extremist” this group is. Get a life people.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Why do people keep saying that donations to the HSUS take away from local shelters?

      You’re kidding,right? Because if you’re not kidding, the only other explanation is that you’re a moron. The HSUS has built their reputation on doing everything in their power to make people believe that HSUS = animal shelter = hands on care of the animals. Maybe YOU, Ms. ‘TruthMonger’, donate to both HSUS and to small local shelters, but most people do not – because most people don’t know that there’s a difference! And that’s how HSUS likes it! This is the group that, time and time again, has issued fund raising requests asking for money to ‘help us to care for the animals’, when the animals in question are not even in their care! The Vick dogs. The hurricane Katrina dogs. The bust dogs. That poor busted up little bitch who needed the surgery.

      Oh my God, I think my head is going to explode from even trying to be politely rational while I explain this.

      HSUS SUCKS MONEY AWAY FROM LOCAL SHELTERS. They’re a big, dollar sucking vacuum, hoovering up all the spare $20 bills the kindly little old ladies send in to help treat the poor wee sick puppies and kitties. Those little old ladies don’t have a lot of spare cash, TM. They want to believe that their dollars are going to giving some poor homeless kitty a bed and a bowl of Fancy Feast, while instead, it’s going to pay the maitre d’ who just seated some HSUS wank at a better table.

      HSUS – why is anyone still giving money to them? Because they’ve conned the general public into believing that they are the main branch of hands on humane shelters, instead of the media machine that grinds out never ending direct mail campaigns. Pull the plug on them, because their time is done.

      More info — http://humanewatch.org/index.php/site/

    • Kallista
      Kallista says:

      OK, so why not just give it all to the local shelter so animals are helped directly? Do you know how much these bozos have in their retirement accounts? How much their annual salaries are? Have you checked out all the LIES they tell to get the money? How Wayney Pooh is in a commercial that “used to” say HSUS and now is operating under a different name?
      Go check out the tax records. And read http://www.humanewatch.org. OMG is that an eye opener!
      You have the freedom to do as you wish. However, those freedoms to own pets will be taken away by those you are donating to.

  6. LSC
    LSC says:

    TruthMonger said:
    ” I donate to groups like HSUS because they work to protect all types of animals, not just cats and dogs, and address the causes of animal cruelty and neglect in this country that result in so many animals ending up in shelters”

    TM, what exactly does that mean to you? What do you think HSUS does with your money to do the above stated things?

  7. TheTruthAbout HSUS
    TheTruthAbout HSUS says:

    Yes, indeed. HSUS DOES SUCK! Read the truth about HSUS and it’s “associates” at http://www.hsussucks.com Be sure to read the page under Articles and then read pages 1 thru 10 (espcially 9) of the Dept of Homeland’s Executive Ordered (that’s the President) Report on Domestic Terrorism. Both HSUS and its affiliate, Fund For Animals where Wayneo cut his baby vampire teeth (under HSUS umbrella along with dozens of other non-prifit and for-profit companies)are named as domestic terror support organizations. Then call you Dept of Justice and ask for an investigation for racketeering. HSUS is already under a full scale investigation by the IRS… run Wayneo run! (Don’t worry, he has stashed all kinds of money in offshore banks… they can still fund ALF’s bombers and arsonists)…

  8. DaneMama
    DaneMama says:

    LOL looks like the StopHumaneWatch trolls have found this article. They can’t deal with facts so they make childish remarks like good ole Nanny did. So it’s ok with you Nanny that HSUS & Wayne lied to a judge & said the Vick dogs were too dangerous to be saved ? Supposedly a conclusion they came to after their “expert” evaluations. That they lied & asked for money to take care of dogs they never had ? How does that have anything to do with Rick Berman ? What do Michael Vick & Humane Wayne have in common ? They both tried to make money off the torture & deaths of these innocent dogs.

  9. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    What a shock! Dog breeders who hate hate HSUS. The only dog breeders who have any reason to hate the HSUS are those who do not adequately take care of their animals and are fearful of common sense regulations promoted by the HSUS, commonly referred to as “puppy millers.” Guess we know which category you fall into.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Sure, that’s it. I’m a notorious puppy mill, what with my one litter every two or three years.

      ::rolling eyes::

      Really, you’re going to have to do so much better than that. You don’t even rate a ‘2’ on the troll-o-meter, for heaven’s sake.

  10. Josh
    Josh says:

    An what do the HSUS do with these animals to help? Prime example if rooster fighting…at raids…regardless of roosters health they are killed. EVERY chicken there all killed everytime. Hens, roosters, chicks…even eggs destroyed. Now think hard on that one a moment and tell me how they are helping the animals? Buy killing off a species of chickens? Never give a dime to them….send to your local shelters and make for certain they are in NO way connected to the HSUS sickos.

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