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Westminster Re-Cap – French Bulldogs, Patty Hearst and Unfair Hair Cut Advantages

Well, the judging is done, and yet again the Frenchie got overlooked for a frou frou poodle. C’est la vie. Apparently a poofy haircut counts for extra super duper bonus points. Actually, I don’t have a clue how good the poodle really is, since poodles are one of those breeds that all look startlingly similar to me (sorry Jan!).

It was good to see yet another of Cody Sickle’s lovely Bulldogs place well in group. Bullies, like Frenchies, are at a natural disadvantage in a group over run with spring loaded, fluffy coated yappers, so I always root for the Bulldog, in lieu of the Frenchie. I mean, take a look at the photos of this year’s Non Sporting group placers –


Notice anything? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Fluffy haircuts will get you to the big ring every time…

French Bulldog Best of Breed was taken by Ch Windmark’s What a Guy, who also won BoB in 2007. He was handled by Jodi Ghaster, who also handled Best of Opposite Sex winner Ch Shann’s Legally Blond (call name Diva). I’m apparently obligated to mention that Diva is owned by Patty Hearst (now Patty Hearst Shaw). She has owned French Bulldogs for quite a few years, so it’s old news to Frenchie people to hear that she has a dog in the ring. It’s big news everyplace else, though – the name “Patty Hearst” was one of Google’s top search terms today.

Isabella, also known as Ch Absolut’s Ooh LaLa V Amron, didn’t do anything in the breed ring, but she did make the final cut, and with 32 other Frenchies in the ring, that’s a pretty respectable showing for a 14 month old pied. I’d like to also point out that she was the only pied in the final line up, and one of only two that I can see of all the judging photos Wayne sent me. The ring was awash with creams and brindles, but the more esoteric pieds were rare, and the other colors were missing altogether.

Here’s a photo of Isabella gaiting for her handler, James Berger, for owner Toni Perone. Next year, guys…

Wayne Kovacs, co owner of Dixie and owner handler extraordinaire, was at the Gardens, and took tons of photos. You can see the entire collection here, or Isabella’s photos here.

Thanks again, Wayne!

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  1. Fuzzy Logic
    Fuzzy Logic says:

    I feel your pain.. brindle bullmastiffs… did you ever see one at Westminster? It got so they had to create a special catagory for them since everyone seems to love the blonds… and fat blonds at that…

    I cringe every time someone says “I’ve never seen one that color before.. what is that Brindle? Is it new”…

    No, it’s the original color of the breed you dolt….

    But I digress..

    Personally, I think the poodles look MUCH better when they aren’t clipped like that.. sporting cut, yeah, I know… but honestly, how is that much hairspray going to help in the water? Seriously.

    Fuzzy Logic’s last blog post..Am I done yet?

  2. Kasia
    Kasia says:

    Hey Carol! have been lurking on your blog but finally thought to write in – Mooey (the spotted pied frenchie i got from you, remember?) was completely preoccupied with the Westminster Show. Parked himself in front of the TV for most of it (got especially excited with the working dogs category – generally the size of most of his park buddies). He’s doing very well, I will send pictures soon.

  3. jan
    jan says:

    As a former Poodle ridiculer who has now fallen under the spell of the breed, I can see why people think the show cut for the Poodle is absurd. Most of us who keep our Poodles in a pet clip do too.

    Judges may be rewarding the handlers for the hours and hours of grooming and the dogs for the hours of lost puppyhood waiting to be groomed.

    Or it may be that the show Poodle can maintain dignity in spite of looking like… well, like that.

    jan’s last blog post..Lisa the Eskipoo all grown up

  4. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Long time lurker…first time poster. I must say…your blog gets me through many a long and tedious work day. So, thank you. FYI, I own Sadie, daughter of Mae Mae. On to my question…I have always wondered why the Poodle is included in the non-sporting group. Weren’t they hunting/sporting dogs back in the day?

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