What’s little, black and round?

So… what’s little, black and round? An Olive, of course!

Meet our newest foster dog, Olive.
Olive was given up today by owners who were no longer able to keep her due to a growing family with young children. Our good friend Hope, of Golly Gear fame (and mom to the fabulous Mr. Teddy, international super model) spent her Saturday afternoon driving from Illinois to Wisconsin to pick him up, and found Olive a foster family just down the street. Hope, you’re my hero!! Teddy, give your mom extra licks for me.

By all accounts, Olive is a dreamboat of a dog, sweet with everyone, well behaved, playful with other dogs and a huge fan of kids of and babies. In spite of this, Olive was passed on by another rescue, because she is a French Bulldog – Boston Terrier cross. Purchased on sale from Petland (of course), Olive comes from a midwestern puppy mill, but seems relatively free of any issues. Strangely, her owners were told she has ‘advanced’ hip dysplasia, a diagnosis given when Olive was just four months old! No one I know of has ever heard of a diagnosis in a puppy this young, and Olive (perhaps not surprisingly) shows no symptoms at all.

Olive does have some skin allergies, which, for whatever reason, her family were managing with a home made diet consisting of ground beef, broccoli and rice. No bone or other calcium, no orange vegetables, no phosphorus… just beef, broccoli and rice. Maybe Olive is a big fan of Chinese food. I do know that we’ll be getting her on a more balanced diet, asap.

The internet sure is a funny thing – how else could a Wisconsin Olive end up in Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue foster care, in an Illinois foster home? Whatever the circumstances, we’re happy she’s safe and sound, and we’ve decided she can just be an honorary full blown Frenchie for now.

Olive is not yet available for adoption.


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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Oh I love that little face! I’d so love to add a Frenchie to our home, but our pug princess, Miss Tilly May is the Highlander pug. There can be only one.

  2. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    Oh she is cute! All the best Olive! Hope you are all nourished up as you are in great hands now. And hope you find your furever home soon :).

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