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When evaluating dog 'breeder' websites…

… it’s a good idea to keep this chart handy.

Rating website author sanity

For a good example of this chart in action, I highly suggest consulting this site, as posted in the comments from this thread. It is the veritable trifecta of crazy. However, it does set the bar rather high for other crazy dog breeders.

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  1. Cait
    Cait says:

    You forgot this important tidbit of extra crazy:

    The ABCA has expelled Mary Ann Harrison (Wildrose Border Collies, Cherokee Rose Border Collies, American Beauty Border Collies) from ABCA membership for failing to cooperate with an investigation of her breeding practices. Effective July 11, 2006, her registration and certification privileges have been revoked.”

    Cait’s last blog post..Service Dog Equipment – Kaylee’s Gear

  2. Luisa
    Luisa says:

    [laughs at Fuzzy Logic]

    “God bless our troops!” I knew she’d fit that in there somewhere.

    Classic post, Carol. [Luisa stands, applauds]

  3. Bill Fosher
    Bill Fosher says:

    At least now I know who holds the copyright on an animated GIF of Abe Lincoln spanking himself. When — and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until this happens — I have to have one for my website, I’ll know whose permission to seek.

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