Woofstock Weekend Round Up

I had an unbelievably great time at Woofstock on Saturday. I can’t believe how many people showed up, and I can’t believe how many French Bulldogs we saw!

We got to see Kat and Matt and their adorable new baby, Hank, along with Journey and Pete. Journey was her usual curmudgeonly self – I was crawling on the ground cooing at her, while she utterly ignored me in favor of sweeping the ground for random dropped treats. I don’t know why I expected any different from Delilah’s half sister. Speaking of siblings, Pete (aka Stormtrooper Pete) is the full litter brother of Penelope and Sushi. It was so wonderful to see him – I hadn’t seen this big goofy boy since he was a puppy. I can’t believe how he’s grown.

Ashleigh made my day by bringing Bunny’s baby, Friday – and I was amazed at how well trained this little guy is already! Ashleigh is a doting mommy, and it was wonderful to see how bonded she and Friday are. Bunny recognized Friday immediately – and he spent ten seconds checking to see if she maybe had any milk left.

Bunny did not immediately recognize her oldest son, Po – but within a few moments, she and Po were rolling around on the ground, while Po’s mom and dad, Dustin and Flo, looked on. I knew it was officially a successful reunion when Bunny tried to drag Po across Church Street by the hind leg…

Sara stopped by with the handsome Mr. Jake, son of Butters and Rebel (via frozen semen). I am ashamed to admit that it took me thirty seconds to recognize him, he’s so grown up! He’s gone from goofy looking puppy to handsome boy, almost overnight.

Tamika stopped by with Zeus, and I told him it looks like he’s going to be a daddy soon (via Butters, as a matter of fact!). He reacted pretty much the same way he reacts to everything – by doing the patented “head full of rocks!” dance. Wow, it takes being at an event like Woofstock, which was just FULL of French Bulldogs, to make you really look at your own dog and say “That is one good looking Frenchie” (even if his head is full of rocks).

I saw the Klein family with their seriously adorable senior, Monsieur Marcel – it’s hard to believe Marcel is thirteen years old this year! Where does the time go? And I also saw Addy and Neil, with the still and always beautiful Fleur, who is white faced at twelve but still just utterly lovely.

Being a dog breeder is sometimes a scary thing. You raise your puppies, love them and look after them, and then send them out into the world, in the hands of total strangers. You can hope that they’re OK – you can cross your fingers that they’re being well looked after and loved, but in far too many cases, you just have to wish for the best. Being able to meet with my kids again at events like Woofstock is incredibly special to me. I rarely use this term, but it seriously makes me feel blessed to be able to stay a small part of their lives.

Thanks to all of you who came out, and who made this happen. I was still smiling about it this morning.

By the way, I had to drop back in at Woofstock on Sunday, and brought the gorgeous Miss Billie along with me. While there, we dropped by the Scruffy Dog Photography booth, and Ilona shot some wonderful photos of my little pink princess! Great photos by Ilona, as always, and I can’t wait to have her shoot Pickle’s kids when they’re here!

I also found a great photo of Jake, taken at Woofstock on Saturday! Here he is, looking super handsome.

Jake the French Bulldog at Woofstock Toronto 2011

By the way, stay tuned for details on a really fun event we have coming up – a French Bulldog event that the whole family can enjoy, and which will raise funds for rescue!!

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