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You call THAT sad?

I’m all upset this morning, because of THIS blog posting —


In case you can’t be bothered to click it, it shows this photo, with the caption “Saddest Dog in the World”.

This dog isn't sad, it's ARTISTIC

OK, that dog? That dog isn’t sad.

That dog lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and is in an Emo band that plays music about how breaking up with your girlfriend sucks.

That dog is posing for the cover of its newest indie release album, in a sweater it tells people it got from an Army/Navy store, but which is actually from the Gap Sales Outlet in New Jersey (it tore the tags out and washed it twice before wearing it).

You want sad? I’ll show you sad.

Daisy is so sad, she makes Emo dogs look cheerful

Daisy is so sad, she makes Emo dogs look cheerful

That’s Daisy as a puppy, convinced that the world is full of people who kick kittens for fun. Daisy is so sad, she changed her name from “Pixie” (a word that evokes playful, happy fairies) to “Daisy”, a word that invokes the inevitable death that comes to all delicate flowers in the garden with the arrival of chilling winter.

That, my friends, is a GOTH puppy, and Goth kicks emo ass any day of the week.

So there.

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  1. RHz
    RHz says:

    Not only is Daisy much, much sadder, but she’s also definitely more dramatic looking. You go, girl, with your sadness. Show that pug who’s boss.
    .-= RHz´s last blog ..Kill Myself =-.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    You need to dye her fur black and pierce her nose. Ok, at a minimum, some black eyeliner. I mean, this is GOTH, she can’t be all white!

  3. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    OK, also – check out Daisy’s Goth girl check list:

    * dark ‘eyeliner’ – Check
    * pale skin – Check
    * dark nails – Check
    * large collection of dog collars – Check
    * secret hidden fondness for old Cure Songs – Check
    * complete and total belief that the world is a giant sucking hole of darkness – CHECK

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