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Zombies, Ice Cubes and Babushkas

What I want for Christmas - Shaun of the Dead Action Figure (with sound!!)

What I want for Christmas - Shaun of the Dead Action Figure (with sound!!)

Sean and I were watching one of our favorite movies last night, Shaun of the Dead, when I asked him to promise to chop my head if I ever get zombified. It’s just one of those things I’d like to know I’ve prepared for, in much the same way that I’ve made him promise never to leave me languishing in an iron lung for decades.

I’m not sure if they still use iron lungs, but ever since I read about some polio patient who lived inside one for like, a decade, I’ve had a dread of being stuck inside one. Ditto zombies, only not stuck inside one, of course, but rather eaten by a ravaging pack of them, which I suppose would eventually end up with me inside one, but not in quite the same way.

Sean instantly said he’d NEVER cut my head off, which I thought was very touching.

Instead, he said he’d chain me in the pool house with a stove and a well stocked pantry, in hopes my motor skill memories would kick in and I’d just start baking stuff out of force of habit. I told him that, in that case, I’d make damn sure to get bitten before him, so I could toss him to the first zombie horde I ran into and watch him get divvied up like chum at a shark feeding frenzy.

He replied that if I insisted on eating ice cubes, he’d volunteer to become one of the undead, on the theory that flesh makes less noise when you eat it. That’s when I told him he could kiss cornbread for dinner tonight goodbye.

About the ice cubes, that’s a sort of recent thing. Over the last week, I’ve had the strangest cravings for ice cubes. It’s rather odd – I must be eating at least three trays a day of the damn things. I thought it was because I’d been trying to count calories, but Sean’s nagging led me to do an internet search, and it turns out that women (yes, it’s mostly women) eat ice cubes when they’re anemic.

I find this utterly bizarre – I knew I was anemic, in fact I got an intravenous dose of iron a few weeks ago to counteract it. Looks like it didn’t do the trick, however, so I’ll be back in to see the doctor tomorrow. What I find so bizarre is that, across the world (or at least those parts of it with ice cube makers), there’s an army of women, all craving ice cubes because our iron levels are low.

This, of course, led me to wonder if zombies crave brains because their brain cells are low, thus leading me to speculate that only really stupid people get turned into zombies, which made me feel much better.

I also decided maybe no zombie movies for a while.

Tessa looked so cute and pitiful wrapped up in her blankets yesterday that my first thought was of course “Let’s make her into a LOL Dog!”.  A sad, sad LOL Dog.

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Well, when you’re ready for another zombie movie, you must, and I do mean MUST, watch the movie “Fido.” It is bleeping brilliant. A FUNNY zombie movie – and not slapstick.

  2. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    Fido is a funny movie (well, funny ‘haha’ AND funny ‘odd’). The first time Sean and I watched it, we were all ‘eh’. The second time? Loved it.

    I dunno if that’s ever happened to me with a movie before, although the reverse certainly has. eg: Labyrinth lives better in nostalgia than it does in the re watching…

  3. Pai
    Pai says:

    The scene with those wierd head-swapping muppets should never have been put in it, imo. I think that would’ve improved it a lot.

    I have a weakness for glam though, so I love the Goblin King and the Ball sequence. =)

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      When I read comments from the dashboard of wordpress, it only gives me the first sentence. Because of that, I sat here for five minutes, racking my brain trying to recall a head swapping muppets scene in Shaun of the Dead or Fido. Alternately, I was wondering what YOU were on when you watched them, and whether you’d send me some.

      Then I read the rest and realized “oh, right. From Labyrinth”.

      Bowie was glam before glam knew what glam was. Or something like that, anyways.

  4. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    OMG, I wants the SOTD action figure!

    For additional zombie-esqueness, check out Black Sheep. No kidding, best set in New Zealand, GMO weresheep/zombie sheep movie ever made.

    Good news too. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are doing an Area 51, buddy-road-trip -hitchhiking-alien movie right now but I don’t know when it’s due for release.

  5. Susan Snider
    Susan Snider says:

    Great minds think alike, I love that movie to death. I have always been a fan of zombies, just don’t want to ever be one anytime soon. You must watch “Hot Fuzz” with the same two actors, funny, although not as funny as SOTD.
    What a great picture of Tessa, she looks all warm and cozy.

  6. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    Jay and I saw Hot Fuzz in Salt Lake City(there for dog shows of course), downtown amongst all the soaring architecture at an “art film” theater. It was utterly surreal, absolutely enjoyable and we had a blast.

    Sean of the Dead we saw in Santa Rosa. Leaving the show, and still giggling, we passed by a college age, very serious young man who was complaining at how the movie made no sense and how people would not act that way blah blah. Can you say “missed the point.”?!

    On the ice cube thing, I will now have to pay attention to that as I occasionally go on ice cube benders myself.

    Tessa’s pic is adorable, what a grand little lady and may I just say, nice nares too.

  7. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    Sean and I were arguing just this afternoon about which was better, Hot Fuzz or SOTD. I voted SOTD, Sean voted Hot Fuzz (more stuff blew up in Hot Fuzz, which is, for most men, the benchmark of quality in a movie).

    Hey, I wonder if the characters from Labyrinth are practical costumes for the Nationals? For the dogs, that is. Not for me.

  8. Marie
    Marie says:

    There must be something wrong with me because I still love Labyrinth. 🙂 I just bought it on DVD last month. My kids were less impressed but for it’s time the effects were pretty good.

    I think there would be some good costume potential there.

    I vote for SOTD over Hot Fuzz.

    Marie’s last blog post..The name game

  9. Marie
    Marie says:

    Oh and the ice cube thing, I had cravings for them both times I was pregnant. (as well as freezer frost, yeah I know, GROSS) Never knew about the link to anemia.

    Marie’s last blog post..The name game

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