Does Your Frenchie Have CNS? Prove it to the World!

This dreaded and disfiguring disease affects hundreds of thousands of French Bulldogs of all ages. We’ve all known one who suffers from it, but now there is hope for CNS sufferers. We’re here to help stamp out Crusty Nose Syndrome, with the help of the Blissful Dog’s Nose Butter.

What is Nose Butter? We’ll let Blissful Dog owner and French Bulldog breeder Kathy tell you in her own words.

Does your beloved Blissful Dog have a dry, cracked, basically yukky nose! We cannot have your little darling out and about with an unattractive nose. The other dogs at the dog park might taunt your poor Frenchie baby and call her “Crusty Nose”. That could forever damage her self-esteem or crush her delicate psyche. Our Frenchie Nose Butter will solve that in a flash!

Our Nose Butter is made from 100% organic and Fair Trade shea butter, Vitamin E Oil, a healthy dash of our own blend of therapeutic grade essential oils and a spritz of Blissful Dog Vibrational Essences (just for extra love). All blended up and packaged in a cute little tin in an organza bag. Prices are great ( 1 oz. $6, 2 oz, $11 and 4 oz. $15) and shipping is FREE!
After the amazing successful of our Frenchie Nose Butter, we felt compelled to branch out into other breeds. It would just be wrong to not let other flat faced dogs have soft, pliant nose leathers. We now offer Pug Butter, Bulldog Butter, Boxer Butter…you get the picture!
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Does your dog suffer from severe CNS? We’re here to help! Send us in your best crusty nose dog photo, and our panel of experts will choose four winners who’ll receive fantastic, soothing, crusty nose alleviating prize baskets. We’ll choose one grand prize winner, and three runners up.
Contest is open to all dogs, of all breeds, just so long as they have crusty, yukky noses.

HSUS and Ellen Degeneres – That Figures

Hey, Wayne Pacelle — if you get a chance while talking to Ellen, could you ask her what happened to all of those dogs she adopted and then dumped?

Is the HSUS OK with that, for the record? Are you guys OK with celebrities who adopt pets, only to dump them months or even just weeks after bringing them home? Is that HSUS policy now?

I’m going to assume it is, since you’re happy to hook your wagon onto her star, at least for the sake of publicity. That’s fair – it’s pretty much the same thing Ellen did to Pig, the French Bulldog she pimped on greeting cards and show segments, and then quietly disappeared from her life, and all of her promotional materials.

Could you especially ask her what happened to Pig? Some of us are kind of worried about him. Did she return him to the pet store, or turn him over to rescue, or hand him off to a hairdresser or the guy who details her car? Just give us a hint, if you could. We’d really like to know.

If you can spare time away from dancing with her, that is.

The Nellkins

A photographic update on the Nellkins, who’ll be one week old this week! How time flies… they’re finally acting like puppies (as opposed to helpless little newborns). They’re having itty bitty mouth wars, yipping itty bitty puppy barks, and developing personalities of their own.

Rumble is independent — he doesn’t like you to help him try to find the nipple. He’ll do it himself, thanks all the same. As you might have noticed in the photos, he is almost always to be found next to Pixie. I think he’s got big brother syndrome. He has meltingly sweet eyes, and loves having his head scritched.

Pixie is fiesty – she likes to wrestle and play, and she loves to roll over and have her belly rubbed. She’s a fierce eater, and will knock her siblings out of the way if they stand between her and food. She usually sleeps on top of Rumble. She still only has one tiny freckle on her nose.

Jelly, formerly Calliope, is just plain sweet! She sleeps on her back, loves tummy rubs, heads straight for people as soon as they show up, and likes to hide underneath the edge of the blanket. Her eyes are shoe button dark and completely round, giving her the look of a Japanese anime character.

Thor is hungry! This boy can eat – and eat and eat and eat. He loves to rough house, he chases your fingers if you drag them across the bed, and he barks tiny little puppy barks if you make ‘yipping’ sounds at him. He’s tons of fun.

Butters is still the softest thing I have ever felt. She has a thick, double coat, more like a pug than a Frenchie, and a beautiful face. Penelope plays the most with her, because Butters really tries to engage her in play. She loves having the side of her face rubbed, and she doesn’t like sleeping on her back.

The rest of the photos are here, on Flickr.

Heart Explores Her World

Heart and her Daddy
Heart Meets Her Daddy

We started putting Heart out in the playpen in the family room — it gives her a chance to interact with the other dogs, see people, and experience more sights and sounds. So far, she’s enjoying it. What she’s not enjoying is weaning — why should she, when she lives with a walking dairy bar? We’re going to let her take it at her own pace — Tula is spending time out running and playing with the dogs while Heart is in the playpen, so that should make her a bit more motivated to cut off the milk train.

Here’s a video of Heart in her playpen – as always, you can see it full sized over on Blip. Oh, and in case you’ve never noticed, there’s a little button on the bottom of the video that looks like a video monitor. That lets you view the video full screen. On my 24″ monitor, the resolution is pretty good.

Frenchie Film Festival

In honor of the Toronto film festival, two new videos of the Nellkins are up on Blip. A new one of Heart will be coming tomorrow.