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HSUS and Ellen Degeneres – That Figures

Hey, Wayne Pacelle — if you get a chance while talking to Ellen, could you ask her what happened to all of those dogs she adopted and then dumped?

Is the HSUS OK with that, for the record? Are you guys OK with celebrities who adopt pets, only to dump them months or even just weeks after bringing them home? Is that HSUS policy now?

I’m going to assume it is, since you’re happy to hook your wagon onto her star, at least for the sake of publicity. That’s fair – it’s pretty much the same thing Ellen did to Pig, the French Bulldog she pimped on greeting cards and show segments, and then quietly disappeared from her life, and all of her promotional materials.

Could you especially ask her what happened to Pig? Some of us are kind of worried about him. Did she return him to the pet store, or turn him over to rescue, or hand him off to a hairdresser or the guy who details her car? Just give us a hint, if you could. We’d really like to know.

If you can spare time away from dancing with her, that is.

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  1. Pai
    Pai says:

    Wow, that’s creepy… just to ‘disappear’ all references to Pig and hope everybody forgets he every existed… I hope he ended up in a good home. =(

  2. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    A match made in Dog Hell, that is.

    Yes, where ARE all those beloved pups? Did Humane Wayne take them to a ‘shelter’? (cue scary music)

    Caveat’s last blog post..WOWZA!

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