A 'dangerous dog' is a dog that bites

After spending most of yesterday arguing with people who remain convinced that there are two types of dogs in the world (theirs, and everyone else’s) I was interested to read KC Dogblog’s round up of dog bite news reports, especially since so many of them were by breeds that ‘most people’ don’t think of as being dangerous – or even as being capable of biting.

Breeds like long haired Dachshunds and English Bulldogs, for example.

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In the middle of the Chaos, a bright spot

I spent the afternoon debating the ‘Pit Bull’ topic with some Frenchie people. What stuns me is that some of them were actually pro breed bans, referring to Pit Bulls as ‘cheap doorbells for drug dealers’, and speculating that they’re unstable because they spend so much time inhaling meth fumes.

Yes, really. Trust me, you can’t possibly be more baffled than I am.

Thankfully, two things arrived in my inbox which cheered me up immensely – updated photos of Dexter’s babies, and this article about a hero dog in Massachusets. A hero Pit Bull, that is.

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Dog's Dinner and Stem Cells Bring Hope

My dogs eat leftovers – a fact that many veterinarians will be happy to tell you is a surefire pathway to obesity, bad behaviour and possibly heroin addiction. So far, so good — I haven’t noticed any track marks, and while a few of the dogs might be a bit on the fluffy side (Hello Delilah), most of them are actually quite lean and muscular.

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Best Friends et al to HSUS – "Enough is Enough"

A group of Animal Welfare groups have issued an official statement that tells the Humane Society of the United States, in so many words, ‘enough is enough’.

Enough killing, enough outdated policies, enough ‘Pit Bull Czars’ who know as much about Pibbles as this whiny little nitwit.

The official press release, from the Best Friends website:

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Come Meet Frenchies in Chicago, and Dexter in Detroit

If you’re in Chicago, here’s a great chance to come out and support French Bulldog rescue, meet Lilo the foster dog, and get to know some of the great people from Chicago French Bulldog rescue.

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