Answers, and also – I am lazy

I am too lazy to write a new post today, because:

a) I suck
b) I have a cold
c) I am out of coffee, and too lazy to go get more, which is grounds for justifiable homicide in my universe

So, I’m just going to answer a great big bunch of questions left in the comments:

Hope writes —

So – I’ll be bringing a puppy home from the Jamboree! Wonderful news!

Well, since there’s almost no one else I’d rather send a puppy home with than Hope, I’d be tempted to agree, if not for the fact that:

– the puppies, if they manage to get here, will be barely sentient little one month old Hamster-ish fat lumps at that stage
– should I mention the almost certainly black masked fawn litter I have planned for later this year?

Zoe’s mom Says:

I have a question (which probably has a complicated answer): can any two brindles produce pied pups, or is it just because you know Dexter and Delilah’s pedigree that you can predict potential offspring colors? What if you breed a pied to a brindle?

Color inheritance in Frenchies is a tricky thing, and pied inheritance is possibly the most complex of all. I’ll try to simplify it for you, if you’ll be willing to bear in mind that I’m a hack layperson, and not a geneticist:

Brindle is a dominant marking pattern (and NOT a color). A brindle dog is a fawn dog with a series of black stripes over top of it, ranging from thin stripes (Dexter) to stripes so thick the dog looks black (Delilah).

Because brindle is dominant, a dog only needs one brindle gene to ‘look’ brindle.

Pied is a recessive marking pattern (and NOT a color). A pied dog is a dog which has various colored areas, on a predominantly white background. You can have a brindle pied, a fawn pied, or any other basic color of pied. Because pied is recessive, a dog has to have two pied genes (one from each parent) to ‘look’ pied. A dog can be recessive for pied, which means that while it doesn’t look pied, it still carries the pied gene.

Delilah and Dexter both have a pied parent. Bunny, Dexter’s mom, is a fawn pied, and Versace, Delilah’s dad, is a brindle pied. Therefore, we know that both Delilah and Dexter carry the pied gene. Bred together, there is a less than 50/50 chance they will produce pieds. It’s like spinning the wheel… Now, if I bred Delilah (a pied carrier) to Elliott (a pied), we’d have a better than 50/50 chance.

Hope that helps! Although somehow, I doubt it does…

Vivianne Says:  

I cannot STAND joomla. It’s like it’s in our way and it wants to make things harder. TextPattern, hmm, I may give this a try.

For dumb-simple stuff, I’ve been using cushy cms, clients love how easy it is. And I came across a new one called “light cms” the other day, and it was advertised as “the friendly CMS for web designers”, so I’m dying to test that too.

Thank God it’s not just me – I was starting to get a complex, because everyone else I know is all “Oooh, Joomla is sooo cool” and “Oh, my clients all luuuuurve Joomla”. I feel like Joomla is web design written by programmers, with their ever too often programmer-esque disregard for aesthetics. I’m going to do a sign up for Light CMS and give it a go.

Jenniferj Says:

Query. One short faced breeder to another, how do you screen for airway obstruction?

Well, right now I use a simple criteria — if the dog has had any form of surgical correction on its airways or breathing systems, I don’t use them. This means no palate clips, no nares correction, no obviously labored breathing. Lack of certification means that I am reduced to relying on the kindness of strangers, for the most part – taking their word that their dog hasn’t had surgery. Luckily for me, my choice of dog is usually limited to a small pool of breeders I trust implicitly to be honest with me. This does not mean that none of their dogs have been altered, just that they would tell me the truth about it, and allow me to decide on my own. If I went outside that ‘pool’, it would be to the breeders I know of who have prioritized health above other factors.

Also, I sort of scare people — I have a reputation for being a kind of ‘tell all’ breeder, mostly I suppose due to this blog, and other writing I’ve done. I think that people assume that, if they deal with me and I get screwed over, I am going to broadcast it to the entire world (which is, of course, pretty much true).

I always tell people that I don’t always have to like what you’re telling me, just so long as what you’re telling me is the truth.

Some day, I’d like to see a system of vet certified airway certifications, but until then, we’ll muddle through.

On last thing — this is in answer to another comment left a few days ago, by someone who objected to my ‘frivolous’ writing about stupid dog breeder comments:

petdefense Says:

the time spent on this could be spent in educating the public on HSUS misleading the public.i think if we are to find fault, it should be against those making anti pet laws. or against those already taking our rights.

Look, obviously you are laboring under the illusion that this is a blog with a cause, when in actual fact, what it is is a place for me to write down stupid stuff that occurs to me from time to time. If I write about Peta, it’s because Peta pisses me off, not because I believe that my writing about Peta will make them suddenly toss in the towel and eat a steak. Ditto HSUS and the rest of those morons – I write about them when they annoy me, personally, on a personal level. This is similar to the way that I write about coffee makers that annoy me, bad driving that annoys me, or my dogs that annoy me (Sailor, I’m looking at you).
As I said in my reply:

You can feel free to get out there and educate as much as you’d like. Personally, I’m going to feel free to waste my time in any ways I find amusing. It’s this funny thing called ‘free will’ that some of us enjoy from time to time.

Westminster French Bulldog Results Are In

Results are in from breed judging at Westminster — Kudos to all the winners!

LeBull’s  Midnight Confessions  — Best of Breed
Robobull Fabelhaft I’m On Fire  — Best of Opposite Sex

Awards of Merit went to —
Raindrop’s Justus Life’s A Game
Femme De Puisance
Jauger’s Clairice Jamel
JustUs I’m Your Man
Fabelhaft Robobull Too Darn Hot
LeBull's Midnight Confessions

LeBull's Midnight Confessions

Best of Breed (or BOB) winner LeBull’s Midnight Confessions – aka Lola –  is a bitch, which is always nice to see taking breed. If you watch the Westminster group judging tonight on television, it’s her you’ll see in the group ring representing French Bulldogs (update: Lola took a Group Second).

Lola was bred by Arlie Alford, Kennel Le Bull, and publisher of the world’s longest running French Bulldog Magazine, the French Bullytin. Arlie also happens to have been the co breeder of my own Westminster Best of Breed winner, Ch Bullmarket Versace (who just so happens to be the sire, via frozen semen, of our Delilah).

Lola was the winner of the 2007 FBDCA National Specialty. Winning ‘breed’ at Westminster is a big deal, but winning Best in Specialty Show? The biggest. Westminster is just the icing on Lola’s already well frosted cake!

The videos don’t seem to be operational yet, but eventually you’ll be able to see the breed judging via this link —

In the meantime, here’s a video of Lola at the Eukanuba shows in California:

French Bulldog entries at Westminster were scarily high this year, with French Bulldog entries second only to Labs (or some sporting breed or other – I’m too lazy to go look it up right now).  Unusually for this year, the weather doesn’t seem to suck too badly, thus spoiling a long standing tradition of shutting the city down with a great big heaping pile of snow.

I notice that WKC is doing some sort of remote broadcast that they’re calling “All Access – Inside the Hotel Pennsylvania”.  My past experience with the Hotel Pennsylvania (which the Benny Goodman swing tune “Pennsylvania 6500 was written about) is that it more than earned its not so affectionate nickname of “Hotel Pentagram”. Mold on the walls, rat bait in the hallways, carpet with disturbing stains on it, and comforters that a CSI lab would regard as a final entrance exam all add to the ‘charm’ and ‘ambience’ of this long standing Westminster Tradition (chosen mostly for the fact that it’s right across the street, dirt cheap, and allows dogs).

I once spent a pleasant hour or so trapped in a Pentagram elevator with my two kids, a half dozen handlers, and various show dogs. After pushing the emergency button repeatedly, we were finally answered by an irate hotel employee who angrily demanded we ‘stop pushing the alarm button’. I responded that we’d “stop pushing the button when you get us out of the f*cking elevator, you worthless sack of shit!”. Or words to that effect.

Oh Westminster, the show we love to loathe… and yet we all want to win there.
Oh, and do NOT ask me why the formatting on this post is so incredibly freakin’ bizarre. Man oh man.. I love wordpress, but sometimes I am truly nostalgic for good old fashioned, plain written html. I think that’s what we call “Old Web Designer” syndrome, symptoms of which include sentences that start with “In my day, web designers had to hand code, in note pad.”

This and That and a Lot of Web Geekery

I feel like I’ve been here, there and every where the last little while.

I’ve taken two courses, re done the website for the French Bulldog Village, and am working on a new French Bulldog breeder’s website that’s not quite ready to launch yet. It will replace the under utilized Ethical French Bulldog Breeders website, and hopefully not drive me too crazy in the process.

I’m learning to love WordPress as CMS, but I’m still underwhelmed with Joomla. I guess it’s because I find the layout clunky, and for me, it’s all about the visuals. Also, I think that the back end of Joomla simply has too steep of a learning curve for the average user, and ease of use for the average user is supposed to be the raison d’être of CMS, isn’t it? I am intrigued by TextPattern, however, and plan to delve into more deeply for my new project. It’s like the bastard love child of Joomla and WordPress, only cuter.

Delilah has finally decided to come into season, which means hurrah for hopeful spring time puppies! We’re breeding her to Dexter, so fingers are crossed for pied puppies..