HSUS – No More Lies Widgets are Ready

UPDATE: The widget service I used to make the HSUS widgets has gone subscription only, so they are no longer available. I am working on a new, simple java script version, which I’ll add to this post when they are complete. In the meantime, go and read Humane Watch – devoted to exposing the truth about Peta and the HSUS

No matter what the HSUS might have been at one point in time or another, what they are now is a group of con artists, sucking money out of sympathetic donors to ‘save dogs’ that they have nothing to do with, no shelter to place them in, and no intention of helping.

Where I come from, we call that ‘fraud’, and it’s no different than people who raise money for ‘Tsunami relief’ who don’t use it for anything of the like (or, hey! It’s like people who raise money for ‘Hurricane Katrina’ animals that they have no intention of helping. Hello again, HSUS!).

Morality is based on truth — aggressive fund raising for dogs you have ZERO to do with is bull. You don’t get to raise money to ‘save’ dogs on one hand, while calling for their death with other — not without some of us calling ‘Shenanigans!‘ on you.

Today's Fun Phone Call

So, I have about ten million emails in my inbox which I am slowly slogging through (in between reading and responding to list mail and playing games of animated solitaire – procrastination, thy name is… eh, I’ll type it in later), when I get a phone call.

Caller: Do you have puppies?

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Banned Aid Coalition's $1 a Dog Video

This video was created by the Banned Aid coalition as a sort of ‘thank you’ to all the breeds who offered their help during their recent “$1 a dog” fund raising drive.

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Kentucky Frenchies in the Big Apple

The Examiner newspaper ran a story on popular French Bulldog breeder Bill Schaefer, of “RB” French Bulldogs. Bill, who is from Kentucky, sold French Bulldogs Oliver and Rocky to owner Stanley Zirlin, of New York City, where they lead dual lives as pampered house pets and competitive show dogs.

Bill traveled to NYC to be present for Rocky and Oliver’s debut at the Westminster Kennel Club show at Madison Square Gardens.

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All of My Old Dogs – A Fund Raising Calendar

Tessa gets lost outside the double doors sometimes. One of them, as she well knows, is merely decorative – it doesn’t even open. Right now, there’s a bucket of fireplace ashes in front of it, and a big, yellow snow shovel. Still, Tessa wedges herself in behind them both, barking at me through the glass, furious that I do not come and let her in right this minute.

I am, in fact, standing in the other door, the one that does open, shivering in bare feet and a t shirt. I step outside, into the snow, and gently poke her with my foot, saying “hey, psst. Old lady. The door is over here”. She startles when I touch her, shakes her head, comes over to the proper door and stomps past me, clearly pissed beyond belief at the shoddy service she gets around here lately. She places herself in front of the couch, and barks a short, angry, imperious bark at me, code for “Put me up on the freakin’ couch, and make it snappy!”.

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