Modern Family Gets a French Bulldog

It seems every other time I turn on the television, open a magazine or browse the web, I see another celebrity toting a French Bulldog puppy around. Oddly enough, you almost never see follow up photos of those same celebrities with their adult French Bulldogs. Either the paparazzi don’t think grown up Frenchies are adorable enough to bother shooting, or there’s some sort of French Bulldog retirement ranch out there, filled with the cast off dogs of the rich and stupid.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s where Pig ended up.

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KW Kennel Club Weekend Wrap Up

A quick thanks to everyone who came out to the Kitchener Waterloo Kennel Club dog show this weekend to meet some Frenchies! At least six or eight people came out, some of whom I had only the briefest of moments to talk to, for which I apologize. Next time, we’ll try to organize things a bit better, so that I have a chance to talk to everyone. It was pretty funny, actually – at one point, we’d taken over the entire corner of the floor, and it looked like a tiny Frenchie Meet Up in progress.

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Evangers and the FDA – Everything Old is New Again

The recent FDA letter isn’t the first time that Illinois pet food company Evangers has tangled with the Food and Drug Administration. Back in 2008, the FDA issued an “Order of Need for Emergency Permit”, after Evangers failed to follow the prescribed method of production for their canned raw pet food products.

Then, as now, Evangers handled it pretty much exactly how you do NOT want to see a pet food company deal with a recall.

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What the hell, Evangers?

Is it possible that everyone at Evangers Pet Food company has lost their freaking minds?

Hot on the heels of Evangers being accused of stealing 2 million dollars worth of electricity and natural gas comes new accusations – that they are intentionally mislabeling some of their premium canned dog foods.


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