Holmes is Looking for a Family

The time has finally arrived – Holmes, the special needs rescue French is finally ready to move on and start his new life.

Holmes has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds – abuse, starvation, neglect and assorted injuries that we shudder to imagine the possible sources of. Through it all, his gentle nature and loving disposition have never flagged, no matter what has been thrown at him.

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French Bulldog 10 Commandments

This is a downloadable PDF I created. Feel free to download and print it, or to give it out to puppy buyers. Just please keep the copyright intact.

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French Bulldogs in Kitchener – May 21

Pickle and her cousin Lyra make their show ring debut at the KW Dog Show next weekend


The judging schedule has been released for the Kitchener Waterloo dog show, on Saturday, May 21st. If you’d like to come out and see the Frenchies compete, we are in the ring at approximately  10:30 am

There are five French Bulldogs entered on Saturday – 2 class bitches, 2 class dogs, and one bitch special. Reading the judging schedule is second nature to anyone who shows on a regular basis, but it occurred to me that it can be difficult for anyone new to showing to interpret how to read a judging schedule.

Here’s a quick crash course, courtesy of the Central Iowa Kennel Club. I’ve substituted the KW judging schedule for the sample schedule they used.


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Lost French Bulldog, Marlborough, MA

Update! Omar is home. News from Gale:


OMAR FOUND – Thank you everyone. Omar was found a couple of blocks from the house by a friendly school bus driver. She then asked people if they knew him and was told about the sign in front of my house. She had him safe and sound and came to see me. I have since retrieved him.

The only thing we can think happened is he followed my son out of the yard when he emptied the poop barrel and he never saw him. Inspection of our fence and potential ways out netted no clues and the other two dogs in the yard with him were still there.

That’s two happy endings for me this week. I think I have my share now. God, my heart stopped when he didn’t come in with the others.

Thanks for rallying your networks.


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Update from Yarmouth

Kristin Williams, executive director of the Nova Scotia SPCA, gives a presentation against breed specific legislation. Photo from the Yarmouth County Vanguard


Good news came out of the town of Yarmouth public meeting. It looks like breed specific legislation (BSL) is off of the table altogether, and a lot of the other extreme, draconian clauses (like the idiotic ‘two dogs or they’re dead’ clause) are also being removed.

A full report on the meeting, with quotes from some of the emails council received on the proposal, is here:

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