French Bulldog History – Beware of Drunken Firemen

Tessa in her favorite patio chair

Many years ago, I had an office in the Yorkville area of Toronto, which was one of the very first Toronto neighbourhoods to get a Starbucks Coffee. I had a daily ritual of going to Starbucks for a coffee at the start of my work day, and would of course bring Tessa with me when I went. Initially, I brought her inside, but a manager one day told me that Public Health would no longer allow dogs inside the coffee shop, and that Tessa would have to wait outside.

Tessa was already used to sitting on the patio at Starbucks, where she would sit at her own chair. She loved to people watch, surveying the sidewalk and making friends with the other patrons, many of whom, at that time, had never seen a French Bulldog before.

Within a month or so, Tessa was on a first name basis with half of the regular patrons, who grew used to seeing her sitting outside on her own, in her chair, while she waited for me to come outside. Occasionally, someone would offer her a piece of biscotti, or part of their scone, and one day, she sat on the lap of James Woods, who admired her ears and her beautiful eyes.

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Catching up with our Frenchie Kids: Luke!

Luke says “It’s hard work being this fabulous”.


Since we’ve caught up with the fabulous Mr. Teddy, international super model, I thought it would be only fair to catch up with his equally fabulous half brother, Luke.

Luke, also known as Ch Bullmarket Newhope at SpiritDragon, is owned by Dr. Andrea Morden-Moore, DVM.  Andrea has been busy as a bee getting Luke out and about, and I’m thrilled she took time out from her schedule to write me a quick note about what Luke has been up to.


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HSUS Targets Rescue a French Bulldog, Wendy Faith Laymon

Rescue a French Bulldog website, showing stolen photo of Michelle Tippet’s departed French Bulldog, Stu


I have written extensively in the past about Wendy Laymon (aka Wendy Faith Laymon aka Faith Laymon) and her fake French Bulldog rescue, ‘ Rescue a French Bulldog’ –

Wendy Laymon is a notorious, convicted puppy miller, despicable enough to have earned herself a place on the Humane Society of the United States list of Missouri’s Dirty Dozen Worst Puppy Mills . That’s quite a feat, considering how much puppy mill competition there is in the state of Missouri.

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Catching up with our Frenchie Kids: Teddy!

Teddy and his ribbons – see it full sized here


I’m doing a series of blog posts on what our various French Bulldog kidlets are up to, from obedience and agility to just plain lounging around being couch potato pets! If you want me to blog about your Bullmarket baby, send me an email with all the details!

Today we’re catching up with Teddy – aka Bullmarket To Catch a Thief!

Teddy lives just outside of Chicago, with his mom, Hope (of Golly Gear fame) and Aunt Fran.

Here’s Hope’s recap of what Teddy has been up to –

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Is a dog bite ever justified?

Years ago, we moved house at a very inopportune time.

I had a brand new litter on the ground, just a few days old, and there was no pushing ahead our moving date. So, I packed up the dam and her puppies, and put them into the ground floor bathroom of the new house, safely tucked into the bathtub, complete with a heating pad and loads of bedding. On the door, I put a LARGE, hand lettered sign that said “Dog inside – DO NOT OPEN DOOR!!!!!”.

You can probably imagine what happened.

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