HSUS Targets Rescue a French Bulldog, Wendy Faith Laymon

Rescue a French Bulldog website, showing stolen photo of Michelle Tippet’s departed French Bulldog, Stu


I have written extensively in the past about Wendy Laymon (aka Wendy Faith Laymon aka Faith Laymon) and her fake French Bulldog rescue, ‘ Rescue a French Bulldog’ – www.rescueafrenchbulldog.com

Wendy Laymon is a notorious, convicted puppy miller, despicable enough to have earned herself a place on the Humane Society of the United States list of Missouri’s Dirty Dozen Worst Puppy Mills . That’s quite a feat, considering how much puppy mill competition there is in the state of Missouri.

In spite of her previous convictions for “numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act” (Missouri’s Dirty Dozen), Wendy Laymon continues to hold a Missouri state kennel licence, and to breed French Bulldogs and Bulldogs under an umbrella of names and website addresses, including:

Frenchie Babies (www.frenchiebabies.com )
Web Frenchies (www.webfrenchies.com )
Love My Bullie (www.k-designco.com/lovemybullie )
A French Bulldog (www.afrenchbulldog.com )
Frenchie Puppies (www.frenchiepuppies.com – still currently operational)

Some time in the last year or so, Wendy Laymon decided that it wasn’t fair that French Bulldog rescue groups were out there sucking up donations for French Bulldogs, and she wasn’t getting a single penny of it.

Looking at French Bulldog Rescue, Wendy saw a way that she could get rid of her used up breeding dogs and second class French Bulldog puppies, circumvent Missouri’s new Proposition B law (which limits breeders to no more than 50 intact breeding females) and do it all as a “non profit” group that could also solicit donations for the ‘care’ of her very own dogs!

Pretty classy, huh?

We were appalled, as were every other French Bulldog rescue, not to mention the French Bull Dog Club of America.  Finally, HSUS has decided to submit a complaint to the Missouri Attorney General about Wendy Laymon’s blatant French Bulldog rescue scam.

From their press release

The Humane Society of the United States  has submitted a complaint to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster requesting an investigation of the purported dog “rescue” group operated by state-licensed dog breeder Wendy Laymon.

The HSUS’ complaint contends that Laymon is violating the state’s consumer protection law, also known as the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, by deceiving the public into believing that the dogs in her operation are rescued from other facilities, when in fact many of the dogs may be coming directly from her puppy mill.

HSUS’ complaint to the Attorney General explains that in April 2010 Laymon created the non-profit “rescue” operation, “Rescue A French Bulldog.” The “rescue” primarily operates through the website, rescueafrenchbulldog.com, where Laymon offers French Bulldogs to the public for “adoption fees” that range from $500 to $950. Laymon also uses the website to solicit “donations,” ostensibly to help feed and care for the dogs. Based on inside information HSUS received from a former consultant of Laymon’s, it appears that Laymon created this “rescue” to entice dog-lovers into buying dogs from her facility that she might not otherwise be able to sell, and to circumvent anticipated changes in state laws regulating dog breeders. The HSUS believes this situation has become more common as consumers are becoming aware of the abuses that occur at puppy mills.


Wendy Laymon has been basically thumbing her nose at the French Bulldog rescue community, at well intentioned adopters and donors who truly want to help needy Frenchies, and at the entire concept of what it means to be a ‘charity’. In the process, she’s also been giving a great big ‘f.u.’ to the IRS. Let’s hope they’re the next group to take a good, long look at Wendy Laymon and her ‘charity’, including her books.

Heads up, Wendy – we’re watching you, and now the entire world is, too.


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  1. donna
    donna says:

    Finally!!! Let’s hope she finally get’s what is coming to her and that would be loss of everything she owns and living under a bridge.

  2. The Cletus Residence
    The Cletus Residence says:

    You can’t have it both ways with the HSUS. Their goal is to push breeder limit laws, with the goal of eliminating breeding dogs altogether. The only reason they target despicable human beings like Laymon is for the publicity, period. They want to be able to show what horrible people “breeders” are. Who knows, maybe they’ll swallow up legitimate rescues too, just like they swallow up legitimate breeders in their proposed legislation. You don’t see the HSUS pouring their money into the little mom and pop organizations that rescue dogs. They spend their money on sound bites….


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